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Damn, a bunch of really nice overcoats still available in my size. I'm kopped out though.
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Damn GATs or CP mids...
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Originally Posted by Banana Cognac View Post

Merry Christmas
Good for 30% off on all items from DEC26 - DEC30

What store is this coupon for?
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lol... tbs.
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not working

guess i was too late
post #24847 of 51273 it is active on the 26th December, Swedish Time? So in just over 13 hours?
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oops the 26th

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It's only good for one time use fellas
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Will all items be included in the sale? Also got 2 codes but would be nice to know what to get 

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The codes below will give you 30% off items included in the sale, starting December 26 and ending on December 30.
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Feels appropriate to re-post this now:
Originally Posted by LA Guy

Next guy to ask for a code (or worse, offer one for sale,) will owe me $1K worth of goods from TBS, or be banned. Try me. We've been through this before.
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Does anyone know when/if LNCC will add A/W Dries to the sale?
When I entered the site via my phone everything was around 40% off but when I entered my account details the cart was recalculated to Euro (instead of Pounds) and full price… :-/

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God- those navy vintage cps better still be there tonight. I'm blaming one of you if they're gone. Been lusting so long.

Will TBS have a sale that isn't secret code based? Didn't get sent anything and really don't want to lose out on those shooz.
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