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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

cosigned, if anyone's got the code and is up for proxying biggrin.gif

pm'd both of you. i can do hopefully get both of u under same transaction
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RKD, i finally discovered where your avatar is from bounce2.gif
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lol ...

all my friends call me glenn and i honestly look very similar to him
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gahhh if i had $ i would wear the fuck out of rapha.
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Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

oboy, can you recommend their backpack?
Yes. It's my daily pack--I commute to work by bike. There are bigger ones out there so if you need hauling power consider that. But I can fit shoes/laptop/notebook(s)/couple layers well. I dig it. Reflective material is a bonus for after-dark rides home & the rain cover is pretty sweet.

This was not free.
Originally Posted by zissou View Post

So you don't actually pay for your Rapha gear? wink.gif Seriously, though, I trust your judgement on it. Considering the amount of miles you likely put on a bike, any little improvement on gear can have a big impact. With cycling, though, I have always been of the opinion that I could be a much better rider before I should ever think of buying a $5000 bike or $200 jersey.
It's true I've received a fair bit of kit for free. But I've also bought plenty. And I will happily call BS on anything I don't like about the line--and there are a few things. eg: some of the jersey fits are wonky, and earlier sizing and QC was inconsistent. Both seem much better in recent seasons.

But overall I stick to my OP. I've logged shit tons of miles in the gear & it's solid & looks better than most everything else out there. And I really like the City stuff.
Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

I recently heard Grant Petersen talk about this. His new book seems like it's worth the read.

He's pretty rad. He's like the anti-Rapha in many ways. I totally agree w/ a lot of his POV, but on the other hand I also LOVE my stupid light/expensive carbon road bike and I'm a roadie racer dork and will never give that up. I also like über practical commuter bikes that don't require special shoes and can haul groceries. I love bikes. All of them.

Except tall bikes. Those guys can get fucked.
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Hlorenzo next drop will be after the new year?
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Tomorrow, you get a little Streetwear&Denim action here:

as we auction a $500 gift certificate good for outerwear on Bidding will start at $180.

Need Supply is also having a 21% off sale over the weekend, so the gift certificate will go that much further.


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^ I've said it before and I'll say it again - I HATE NYC

It's jealous hate

At least we have better weather
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Originally Posted by FG31 View Post

Extra 20% off at Haven with SIXYEARSOLD
Uh, feels like the dumbest question ever, but I can't find a place to apply the code. Also can't find a place to register as a customer for login.
Edit: you can't use paypal
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Hlorenzo next drop will be after the new year?

I emailed them no answer so I called to ask question they asked for my email and hung up never heard back what kind of store is this anyway
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

lol love big bang ... taeyangs my fav
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Our fifth auction for the Annual Holiday Drive, this year for the Ronald McDonald House Charities will be for a $500 gift certificate good on any men’s outerwear, courtesy of Need Supply. I remember that when Need Supply started on the forum, the Virginia based retailer had a much smaller webstore. They have become a real go to resource for men’s casual clothing and footwear. I’m consistently impressed by their ability to buy attractive goods across a range of pricepoints. And they carry some of my favorite brands, including S.N.S. Herning and Wings+Horns - we featured three S.N.S. Herning knits from them in our holiday gift guide.

You can talk to Need Supply about their goods, and get the latest specials and monthly coupon codes (always popular), here:

B]Oh, right, I forgot, they are having a sale over the weekend, 21% extra off outerwear (code END21), so hey, that $500 will go so much further. Oh, snap.[/B]

Our bidding starts at $200. That’s $200 for a retail value of $500+. Someone come up with $150. Please post your bids here, in increments of $10 or more, or PM me to place an anonymous bid for you. Bidding will end at 11:59 p.m. EST, tonight, so whoever wins will be able to get their grubby little hands on the gift card (oh yeah, I have it all ready for you!) and get their hands on some Needed Supplies before someone else does.

Let’s get this moving, gentlemen.


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Damn. That n(n) sale... 

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