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Originally Posted by FlyingLotus View Post

Any codes for P&B right now?

Two of them floating around for 20% or 50%, but they are account linked so YMMV. GILT50 and EXTRA20NOW
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They sent me two codes in the last 2 weeks 20% and 30% (GILT20, GILT30). Worth a try but it's most likely account bound.
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Yeah none of those work for me frown.gif
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EXTRA25NOW for 25% off 149+ too
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Anyone recall if End Clothing/Hunting Co. typically has a decent boxing day sale?

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WINTERSALE on LVR to get 30% off full priced items from all the Winter 2012 Collections.

might be account linked
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More drops at SW -- just kopped the red/green Leder cardi--will be my first FL piece I'm hoping it lives up to its high regard that its held by some around here.
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Lies, it's not even up foo.gif
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Odd normally they remove completely before updating in the daytime. You right.

Loden Leder shirt so nice.
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Rapha has been tweeting a code, T8EU25, for 30% off their merino base layers this week (up to the 14th). That's cheaper than their bundle price if I'm doing the math correctly. Their V-Necks Tees are good right?

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Originally Posted by London View Post

Drake's sale at CHCM is absolutely insane. Walked out with a ton of stuff for cheap. (scarves, hats, ties, pocket squares).

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50 Euro off on outerwear at Tres Bien.

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The Hill Side is up on Marrkt.

holler if you need an invite.
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30% off jcrew

The one pair of aldens I looked at were back at full-run

Originally Posted by daft View Post

Aldens are excluded from the promo, no?

ah, you're right. I think they were included last time when there was 25% off so I just assumed. Sorry about that shog[1].gif
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