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Just saw on Deal Daddy that you can pickup Allen Edmond Strands and Park Avenues for around $200 on Amazon. Got myself some black Park Aves and some walnut Strands. I'll probably return one pair.
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interesting how the wardrobe staple thing is gone btw
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All these sales and yet still theres nothing I really want to cop. confused.gif
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cuz no good sales doggy
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Kolor shawl blazer icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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They stopped marking things as staples but some things are just not on sale. Like the navy Lanvin lows I had my eyes on.
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Not going to lie, I picked up 2 items (3 total, but one will be returning since I was unsure of sizing). Did not see much knits on sale or I liked. No jackets I liked. No shoes really although I am tempted to pick up those silver PHardy. Will pick up a pocket square or two if they ever hit 50%.

Acne and a Gitman shirt. Funny enough the Gitman shirt kind of freaks me the fuck out since KingJulien posted that god awful photo in the baller sneakers thread or something. Sized up all the way to a 33 on the Acne since it is slim with a low rise.

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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Kolor shawl blazer icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

not sure if feelin back, snake should cop
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Only need to show the front in waywts to farm those thumbs
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Wish Porter carried the other kolor TBH? Much nicer than gray IMO


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The Wooyoungmi shoes are made by Alfred Sargent, and it appears that the "tassle" can be removed easily. Not a bad deal, but would be a good/very good deal at 70% off (currently at 50%) if you like the styling.
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Originally Posted by y2knp View Post

love boylston trading Co, extra 35% off plus free shipping to HK, fantastic!

Ugh, I caved and also got some more shit from Boylston.

BTW has anyone had their stuff shipped from them yet? It says on their site that my order from 3 days ago is still processing so I'm assuming they're really busy.
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