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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

mauro comes off as a dick, but wvg price/quality ratio is probably unbeatable.

The sweaters look amazing. Picked up 3, plus some basic shirts.
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

When did yoox start charging sales tax in the US? I ordered a handful of times from them before and never had to pay any sales tax but today I had to. (in California)

I believe this applies to only California and Arkansas, unless I am mistaken.
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its not working!!

Originally Posted by scamster View Post

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Putthison did a consolidation of a lot of coupons for black friday/cyber monday:

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Originally Posted by killerfrenzi View Post

is it just me or I just don't know what to buy anymore.

Then do yourself a favor and don't buy anything. Or narrow it down by a few factors: What is returnable? What do I know I'm going to wear immediately and often as opposed to something that just looks good on the internet? What is unlikely to be available elsewhere later in a similar item? Etc.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

The sweaters look amazing. Picked up 3, plus some basic shirts.


The merino sweaters are nice, decent quality, and insanely soft. A good purchase at 60% off, but NOT at retail prices.


Shirts are also decent quality, but patterns are pretty predictable.


Overall, WvG is a decent brand. They made decent stuff but don't have anything great like Wings+Horns or Epaulet. 


The one thing I would say is that WvG chino fit isn't that great. Epaulet rivets > WvG chinos





Let me clarify some things, I have purchased many things from WvG and have been happy with everything I've received.


When I say I would NOT pay full retail for them, I would NEVER pay $180+ for any shirt, regardless of the brand. That wasn't meant to be a jab at wvg. I'm cheap and will continue to buy clothes ONLY at discounted prices. 


When I say WvG is a decent brand, I meant that as a compliment. I don't know what a "great" piece of clothing looks or feels like as I'm still new to fashion, so given my understanding and experience, WvG is a decent brand. Poorly worded, sure.

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Is $250 for a pair of Common Project Suede Tournament and $300 for a pair of low Achilles is a very good deal? This will be my first experience with CP so I have no idea about the price.
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You can get white low achilles from Tres bien for 285 euros -20%vat and 15% with that November coupon. Should find it somewhere in the sales thread

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^ One small addendum; they only have size 39 (white lows) teacha.gif
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Originally Posted by backtaro View Post

Is $250 for a pair of Common Project Suede Tournament and $300 for a pair of low Achilles is a very good deal? This will be my first experience with CP so I have no idea about the price.

Its not a very good deal but its a good deal.
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^ so its not a bad deal?
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Damn sons. I had no idea this was the bash WvG And Mauro thread!! Let me get in on this this. The mother fucker is a dick!
He is having a 50% off sale for the general public and 60% off tote holders. I need to make sure that next season I use extra long extra fine pussy angel pussy hair for my sweaters so I can keep them up to standard on the forum.

APK or zissou is right. After being on the forum for so long the discounts have hurt me bad and my customers have come to except them. However my quality is not descent . It's fucking great. I would gladly meet up with anyone and go over the in and outs of garment construction.

Amathew - my sweaters are whole garment construction from Shima seiki machine. The best looms in the world. The yarn is made with the best wool and washed in very very talented people over at shima. You wouldn't know quality if it but you in the ass. You're a sheepole and it shows. Back stabbing little , prick.

I love how everyone bashes my customer service and advice. I don't want you buying my stuff on final if it doesn't fit. That's good advice. I want you to be happy.
Instead of final sale tough shit asshole. I would think people would want honest advice, I guess not.
I also feel there are to many Internet keyboard warriors that think because they write well and think they know something about fashion that they are the end all of be all on fashion advice and garment quality.Then the sheepole follow you around like a god when in fact you don't no fuck all about fashion or garment construction.

I know what factory's Epaulet uses. I know what factory BoO uses , Unis, Todd Snyder, Panta, and many many other of the affiliates that you enjoy.
I know the capabilities of each factory. The same factory's make a lot of the products for me and the mentioned above. So if my quality is just descent or sucks guess what so does their's . It's made the same exact way .

As for me being a complete dick. I guess it depends on if you know me or not or if you have a preconceived notion of who I am because of what other sheepole have said about me . Maybe my Internet humor isn't made for the fragile consumers of the Internet who thinks the customer is always right. I don't think that way.
I think both can be right and when I need to say something I do. I don't want to just take someone's money. If you don't want to shop with me, don't. It's no big deal. Go find someone else to suck your little dick. I am not that type of retailer.
If you have a problem talk to me. Don't go ask " what should I do to a forum that 9/10 don't really know the answer to. Be a man and come talk to me, directly.
You may reach me via PM, PHONE, or email. If you want I will meet you face to face.
I am a straight shooter. What you see is what you get. I can't make everyone happy , no one can.
However just because you don't like my Internet persona doesn't give you the right to bash me or my business. Be the better man and just don't say anything.
You guys love that pack mentality. It's not cool. It's cowardice.

For all the tote holders who bitch about the tote not being worth it, you are not right in the head. You have so many venues and perks. I do MTM so if my RTW collection bores you I will make something just for you. What other designer does that? If you are disinterested in the collection you have always been free to drop me a line and say " Hey, Mauro I'm not feeling the collection is it possible to add "x" I am really missing this in my life. " oh and by the way I think you're a cunt" but keep up the good work.".

I understand you want to follow a story and believe in something but if its not legit I won't endorse it. It's like that book about the cook who tells what really goes on in the kitchen . I am that guy.

Now because this is SF you can say whatever you like but I would appreciate you to stop bashing me and my brand. If you have never bought something from me you have no right to say shit. If you have bought something from me and are happy , thank you. If you aren't happy talk to me and I will resolve any issue you might have. I always do.

happy thanksgiving


PS- the Black Friday code for the general public stars tomorrow the code is "blackfriday"
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Man.. you need to take a Dale Carnegie class or something.
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