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I recently bought Uniqlo’s Slim Fit Straight Selvedge jeans ( , in a couple sizes since I am not all that familiar with raw jeans in general and have also never purchased jeans from Uniqlo. I did a bunch of research here and on other sites, but because my questions are quite specific to me, I still haven’t found the answers.  Wanted to reach out to anyone on this board who has purchased these jeans before.


I should preface my question by stating that  I am not a denim connoisseur.  In other words, I am not buying selvedge for it to fade, though I am sure that upsets some people. I’m just a guy who likes the way that raw jeans look when they’re brand new and thus wants them to stay looking brand new. In this case, I am actually looking for jeans that are the exact blackish-blue color that Uniqlo’s are before wash and wear. 


To get my jeans to hold their color best, I believe my best option may be to soak them in a mixture of cold water and vinegar. However, I know that even a cold soak will cause the jeans to lose some color, and as I said, I really am trying to keep the jeans as they are (or as close as possible).  


So I am thinking that my best option may be to just wear the jeans as-is, never wash them and take them to the dry cleaners when they need a cleaning. This is what I usually do with washed dark jeans and the color rarely fades.  Still, I noticed that the dye comes off quite easily on pretty much everything, so it feels like just a matter of time until they lose the blackish-blue color I’m trying to keep.


Any recommendations? Based on experience, would folks recommend the cold wash/vinegar option or the wear-them-as-is option?


Also, I am a little worried about shrinkage if I do the cold wash. I read elsewhere that the jeans can shrink about an inch in a hot wash.  Haven’t read about anyone doing the first wash cold. I found a size that fits me perfectly now, but if they were to shrink, they would be too short and probably too slim.  Anyone ever do a cold wash first? Was there shrinkage? 


Thanks, folks.