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Oscar Hunt Melbourne - My Experince.

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At the end of last year I realised that I would need to make my first suit purchase for my brother's up coming wedding. I wasn't in the wedding party so I was free to do as I pleased. Once I had the idea that a double breasted white suit wouldn't be so great. I started to shop around. At first I did continue to look at suit supply, but with the constantly rising US dollar, it was becoming more and more less attractive, at $599 USD. They also didn't seem to have exactly what I wanted. After that, as well as the fact that I was in Australia, my options were quite limited. My next best bet was MJ Bale, which was going to set me back $500 for a navy suit, but I was still not happy, and I would have had to spend at least $100 to get the suit altered. Then, one day in class, I had remembered this small little establishment, Oscar Hunt, that a good friend of mine had taken me too once before, than he swore by. I had done an appointment earlier in the year, so they had my measurements, but I never committed to anything at the time. I went in,where the guys were very welcoming, and I ordered a navy S120s half canvased suit.  This was around November the 12th. A few days later, I had realised that in my rush, I had forgotten a few things, and sent them a prompt emailing asking for Tab Adjusters, Increasing the Lapel width and raising the rise on the trousers. They where very accommodating of the changes I wished to make. I then went in for my second fitting, on the 10th of December. Where I saw the suit, the trousers still and jacket needed adjusting, but only slightly. I returned on the 17th of December to pickup my suit. I was super happy with it, and still am. Here are some photos.


At the Bond museum.

Brother's wedding

Here I am having my trousers fitted by the head fitter, Julian.

The experience and high level of hospitality you receive from the team at Oscar Hunt is truly amazing, and I am proud to call them my friends now.


My Fabric was from the Australian wool range, but they also stock Huddersfield, Dugdale, and others. They also carry a wide range of Italian made ties and pocket squares, and also carry a range of shirting fabrics which they can make for you.


Four weeks ago I made an order for a Huddersfield brown tweed herringbone sportscoat, with patch pockets, half lining, and unstructured shoulders. I'll be receiving this very shortly, so please look out for photo's.


If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to ask, and if you would like me to put you in contact with them, let me know!

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Insightful post, Foxhound! Cheers.
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good work foxy
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Nice review!

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Probably should also prompt an update of the Australian Members wiki...
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Around Christmas time, I decided that I needed a new jacket for my wardrobe, something less formal than my suit, but where a sweater or leather jacket would be inappropriate. I was originally inspired by Margaret Howell's tweed jackets.


But 500 GBP was very expensive, especially for something OTR, so I decided to give my friends at Oscar Hunt a visit, and have a look at their fabric selection.


Originally set on charcoal or dark grey, a picture of Steve McQueen, albeit in black and white, made me change my mind to a chocolate brown.

When I went in, I was shown the Huddersfield books, and chose a lovely brown herringbone, which was a hefty 17 ounce. As the team there already had my measurements, I sat down with one of the guys, and chose my options. Due to the weight of the material, I went with half lining, and only a single ply canvas. I chose my standard 3.5" notch lapels, full patch pockets, and very discrete pick stitching. I also went for a discrete black herringbone lining, and made it a tad bit shorter than my suit.


I paid for it and patiently waited the four weeks, which really wasn't so bad compared to TOJ! Last Monday I received an SMS from one of the lovely gentlemen there, saying my jacket was in, so I quickly left class and hopped on the train, where I was taken upstairs and shown the workshop where the head tailor, Oscar was working. I tried on the jacket, and it was almost perfect, but we brought in the lower back slightly. The guys suggested to add a little bit of padding to the shoulder to bring it up, but I chose not too. As you can see, the finished product is fantastic, and I can not be anymore delighted with the jacket. A big thank you to everyone at Oscar Hunt.







Yesterday, I was alerted to the fact that Oscar Hunt are running a special promotion for April. If you purchase a three piece suit from OH in Huddersfield fabric, they will also make for you a complimentary Huddersfield sports coat.

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Nice update there, Foxie. Looks great.

All the suits and the sport coat I've had made by my tailor Amy Yang at Shanghai C&G have been with Huddersfield fabric. Great fabric at a great price.
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Great pics. Really like the texture and colour of the fabric.
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I really like the jacket. Very versatile too. 

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Thanks for the kind words guys. I wore this jacket on the weekend, it's definitely a keeper.

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A few  of weeks of weeks ago, I went into to Oscar Hunt, to say hello and have a browse of the new Huddersfield Linley collection, as I have been after some grey pants for a while now. The collection had exactly what I was after. I put the order through, Black Mother of Pearl Buttons, Daks (button) adjusters, 2" cuff and flat fronted. As they already had perfected my trouser measurements from my suit, I did not need to be measured again. Then last week I received a phone call from them, and made an appointment for a second fitting.  The pants were perfect straight away, with no adjustments required. As you can see, it's a lovely Glen Plaid check, with a subtle blue stripe in it. As with all my Oscar Hunt purchases, I couldn't be happier.




A big thankyou goes out to the Oscar Hunt Team, and congratulations to them on moving to their new space, which is really beautiful.

Their first fitting room as shown above is stunning.

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^ Nice to see. Well done, Foxie.
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Is this the same Oscar Hunt who makes most of the suits of the guy running A Poor Man's Millions? (

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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post

^ Nice to see. Well done, Foxie.


Thank you!

Originally Posted by ShawnBC View Post

Isn't Oscar Hunt the tailor that makes most of the suits of A Poor Man's Million blog's guy? 

Sure is, and he actually works at Oscar Hunt now.

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How much did the navy suit set you back?
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