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Alara Shirt Fit Question

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Hey all,

I like the collar aesthetic on the Alara shirts, but the measurements they post are bizarre.

A size 16 Classic fit lists a chest of 40" and a waist of 34". That can't be the actual shirt measurements. I am thinking they are referencing suit sizes or actual body measurements.

My Ledbury size 16 slim measures a 43" chest and a 39 " waist in comparison

Any experience with this brand?

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From experience They are poor quality
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Thank you for asking. The measurements on the Web site site are for a size 40" jacket and size 34" pants.


Going forward we'll make this more clear in our fit guide on the Web site. 


Kind Regards,


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Thank you for your feedback on our shirts. Can you give me any insight into when you purchased your shirt and what the specific issues were that you were having with it?


All of the material used in our shirts are made in European mills using Egyptian cotton. Our shirts are manufactured in the same state of the art facility as shirts made for top European designers and luxury brands. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our shirts and stand behind them with free returns and a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.


I hope we can work with you to address your experience with Alara Shirts.


Kind Regards,


Toll Free 1-855-997-9400

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We just updated our fit guide to address your question 






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The size 16 alara classic fit shirt has 46" chest and 44" waist.

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