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Manhunt II Banned

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So, you've probably seen the news - Manhunt 2 is banned in the UK/Ireland and Nintendo released a statement declaring that they would not allow an "AO" (Adults Only) rated game to be released on the Wii. The Wii version was particularly graphic due to the tactile nature of the control scheme; you'd actually remove a man's testicles with a pair of pliers by using the nunchuk/remote as if you were legitimately doing it. That being said, this annoys me. It harks back to the days of the bloodless Mortal Kombat on SNES. Why is it so difficult for people to allow adults (who frankly, are the only people that should be playing this game anyways) to make the decisions to what they are entertained by as they see fit? Responsible parenting is usually one of the main components of argument against banning/censored media of any type, and yet.. I just watched Hostel II a couple weeks ago where a man experienced slightly worse than what I described earlier (pliers) but that's rated R. This is a video game. Sure, it's a murder simulator. Sure, only the most depraved would want to play it. But shit, if I want to be a bloodhungry deviant, I should be allowed to. Before you get started, yes, I realize that Nintendo has the right to disallow the use of their system for this game but I don't care. (ed, stay out of my thread you ugly bitch).
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Man, I don't know about this. On the one hand I oppose censorship, but on the other hand the first game really should never have been made. You know that any game that is out there, kids will get a hold of somehow, and it really glorifies random killing with household objects in a way that has absolutely no redeeming qualities in my eyes. It wasn't even fun, which was the worst crime, but really. I'm surprised they even made a second one since the first was either boring or horribly disturbing depending on how you looked at it.

If they do put it out, they should set up an FBI watchlist on the kids who have it, because they are going to be the ones shooting up schools at some point. I'm only half kidding.
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The aforementioned is a part of why I was interested in the game on Wii. I played the original version on PS2 very briefly and found it frustrating and.. just kind of lame, to be frank. I was hoping that they'd improved it, etc. Perhaps I'll never know.
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I own the first one for the PS2, but haven't played it in years. I could only play it for about 45 minutes at a time before I couldn't handle it anymore. Sawing off someone's head with a machette or slitting a random person's throat with a piece of jagged glass gets to you after a while.
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The bans are a bit much, but I can understand Nintendo not wanting AO games on their system. They are trying to cultivate a family-oriented brand image after all. I believe Sony has the same policy.
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Looks like its US release was just suspended.
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I cant believe Take 2 would suspended it.
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Are you guys serious? I thought Manhunt was pretty cool, especially with Brian Cox talking in your ear.

I'm against banning, but I realize that kids will get ahold of these games, regardless of the rating. As always, the solution comes down to parenting.
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Manhunt was one of the most boring games I've ever played, and I've been known to sit on some really stupid games for hours on end. One time we sat around playing The Getaway (although I still love that game) and spent about 4-5 hours straight stealing Jensens and driving them down a particular sidewalk, then launching them off this staircase to see how far we could get and how badly we could crash them. And in terms of genre, I've spent way too many hours of my life playing Hitman 1 and 2 (especially that #%!#^ chinese restaurant level, I eventually gave up on the "right" way and just grabbed an AK and slaughtered the whole place...)
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J: Did you ever play the freeware game called Porrasturvat, the stair pushing game? Or it's sequel, the truck crashing game? I think you would enjoy them.
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