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Interview Feedback

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I recently interviewed for a position that I thought I'd be a shoe-in for. They liked me enough to check references and conduct a back ground check shortly thereafter. Then...nothing. I heard nothing for about 3 weeks until today, when the committee chair let me know they would not be offering me the position. Would it be kosher of me to ask why, or for some feedback? I'm having a bit of a hard time coming to a conclusion, the only thing I can think of is that a) a reference of mine said something they didn't like or b) they changed their minds about the job description halfway through. I will be working with this person and the group he leads a lot in the future, so I don't want there to be an awkwardness going forward.

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It could be anything that kept you from getting the job. I recently interviewed for a position that I also assumed I was a shoe-in. They went with promoting from within instead. It happens and is best to not overthink things unless you can pick out specific areas in the interview process you know that you could improve upon.

If you felt you were on good terms with those who interviewed you it couldn't hurt to ask for feedback. Just be prepared for the possibility you don't hear back from them.

I'd also keep track of who you interviewed with and look for future opportunities with the company. You might get another chance in the future.
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I've never once received feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of an interview.
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