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Originally Posted by Kingstonian View Post

Should have gone to the Victoria Wetherspoon. Not sure if their cider festival is still on though.
Train fares are outrageous unless you have a discount card or seek out special offers.
Sheffield Wednesday are taking the mickey. QPR had to knock out tickets via Groupon last time they were in Championship £14.50 a ticket. More than £25 is silly money.
Lands End polos in sale under £20. Short or long sleeves, pique or supima cotton, no logo.
Sunspel are priced at a premium always.

Crockett and Jones shoes in Northampton factory shop? Or Church's in their factory shop right by Northampton rail station?

I realised that I was going to pay top whack for a pint in that pub ( the Travellers ? ) because it was right opposite Victoria coach station,however the almost £5 pint of cider is a sickener,before the cider tax went up in the mid to late 70s we were paying 30 odd pence a pint,pointless to compare I know.


I will check the Lands End polos out,I don't get why Sunspel are that expensive to be honest.


Crockett & Jones and Cheaney both have shops in Jermyn St,I had a look on Friday before we met in the Clachan, to be fair the prices in there weren't that bad.

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Originally Posted by cerneabbas View Post

I think that we all agree that travelling ( in quite hot weather too) is a test for 'the Look',also walking around a cities hard pavements is a test for which shoes to wear.

Most people that I saw that day chose cargo shorts,trainers a tee shirt and a backpack...we tried to do things with a bit more style.


One thing that we discussed briefly on Friday was bags, if you are travelling (even for a day) you will probably have to carry a bag,no matter how carefully you dress you wont have 'the Look' if you are carrying a Lidl bag...( or Aldi).....Steve Mcqueen isn't much help here either as an ex army kitbag isn't quite right...as Mr Knightley pointed out some of the leather 'satchels' make people look like an 80s social worker !...so what type of bag ?....btw I went for retro piss take with a fake BOAC flight bag.


I agree about the logos,I saw a nice jumper in Gant in a really nice shade of blue,I didn't buy it because of the logo,again I think that we are in a minority....but I don't care as I don't want to go with the flow,onesies,crocs,etc etc.

It was a good day and thanks again to all who made the effort.  I only had 30 odd miles to travel and I know it was more of a challenge for some.


London always inspires me and I rarely go home, even from a brief business trip, without spotting something and thinking ' I wonder how I might incorporate something like that...?'  I suppose I try not to be too judgemental as I get older but rather what I have heard Scott Schuman call 'visually greedy' - always looking for beauty in things and people around me. 


One thing Clouseau didn't mention in his report was that four of us wore our shirts with the top button undone (thankfully no more buttons than that!) but skinny legs had the top button of his JS polo fastened.  That made me realise that something I did habitually in the 80s and 90s still looks great but, for some reason, I don't do as much today.  That has given me food for thought.


Bags - yes I should welcome any views on this tricky subject.  Especially for casual use.


I suppose even onesies can look good on the right person and with the right accessories:

(Image from the Sartorialist)

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