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Jeans With 2% Spandex Other Than Lucky Brand (Which Has Gone Downhill)?

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I hated jeans growing up. They felt restrictive and uncomfortable. I never owned/wore them for that reason. As I hit college, I realized all the cool kids were wearing jeans and I did some research and found Lucky Brand as the perfect solution for me. They looked like nice fancy jeans but felt like sweatpants due to the 2% spandex. Made in the USA as well which I find to be a plus. Cool logo on the zipper. Reasonable price at $150 per pair (at the time, 10 years ago) that could be had on sale for 50% off twice a year.


My body has changed over the years, for the better, and I need new jeans that are a smaller waist size (36 in college down to a 33 now and on my way to a 32). I have a great tailor who has been tailoring my Lucky Jeans but he can only do so much and if I lose a little more weight, he won't be able to take them in any more.


It looks like Lucky Brand has decided to outsource to foreign countries and for the most part, drop their spandex lineup. I'll treasure my US-made Lucky jeans forever as last of their kind.


I make more money now then I did in college so if I need to spend $300  to $500 on a pair of jeans, that's doable especially since I still don't wear jeans often and 2 to 3 pairs are all I need. Are there any high end jeans that include spandex in them to allow greater flexibility and motion? I'm a competitive amateur muay thai kickboxer and while I avoid barfights, I need a pair of jeans that could actually let me defend myself in them and not constrict me.


I realize that sounds ridiculous to anyone who isn't a competitive kickboxer/MMA fighter but anyone who is would understand. I'm very flexible and train kickboxing 5 to 6 days a week. Putting on regular jeans to me feels like putting on a poorly fitting tight suit because I'm so used to being able to move my leg high enough to kick someone in the head down to barely being able to raise my leg a few inches off the ground.


I just feel uncomfortable in regular jeans and when I'm dressed in a way that's uncomfortable, it pervades through my personality and I'm having a bad time and everyone knows I'm having a bad time and I might as well stay home.


Do the high end jeans I want exist?

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look at the Outlier Slim Dungarees (  not denim but the same cut/styling.

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Naked and Famous has a few stretch models. I think Gustin does too. There's another Kickstarter brand I vaguely remember whose gimmick was all around this but the name slips me.


(edit: Parke, that's it)

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You might want to look at the 221 jeans from Lucky - Italian Supersoft version.  Elastan instead of Spandex but still a good pair of pants.  Fits better than the non-supersoft versions.

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Try AG jeans in either the Protege or Hero fits. My friends and I have had good luck with those.
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i second the Naked and Famous recommendation. all of the models with "Power Stretch" in the name contain 5% elastane. <$200, and they're made in Canada if sweatshop-free is important to you.

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I have been a loyal Lucky fan since the early 90's. Lucky Brand was purchased by a bigger corporation that started outsourcing their manufacturing overseas around 2010. Their quality plummeted when that happened in my opinion. However, they have since changed controlling ownership again, I believe. I read that they've returned to 100% Made in the USA.

They still make jeans for men with stretch to them. You can check their website before ordering by clicking the fabric section. They are running their annual 50% off sale right now.

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