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"evening casual"

Poll Results: Brown shoes or black shoes?

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Hello everyone, first post here. This forum was the first one that always came up in search so I decided to join and post my question. I recently started a new job where suit and tie is required daily. I'm all squared away there. My dilemma is an awards  ceremony this Friday. The attire is "evening casual" I want to go with a nice blazer and pants we wear a tie everyday so for this particular occasion I definitely want to go without the tie. Here is what I have in mind:


Gray knit blazer with navy pants I would love to go brown shoes and belt but not sure if the black buttons on the blazer allow for it? Also what color shirt should I go with underneath that will complement the polka dot pocket square? If I can go brown shoes, I plan to wear these Cole Haan wingtip lunargrand's in woodbury with a matching belt.




Need some serious feedback on this. I guess my main question is: Should I play it safe with black shoes and belt. Or are these Cole Haans ok with a matching belt.



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Can I vote for burgundy shoes? That would be best.

Also, I cannot see this pocket square you speak of.
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Button color is completely and totally irrelevant when choosing shoes.
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Thanks for the feedback gentleman.

The pocket square is navy with white polka dots

Burgundy was a great suggestion and something to consider for the future.

Thanks again. If anyone else wants to share their opinion feel free.


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Black shoes would be better than mid-brown for "evening casual." And those Cole-Haans have soles that are really too casual for a jacket.

Wear a white shirt. The other easy option, blue, wouldn't go well with blue pants and a blue pocket square.
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