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Jm weston demand...

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i'm working w/ someone who might be able to secure JM Weston shoes. probably not a big lot but "some". my question: is there a decent demand on here for JMW? i look on ebay and there aren't hardly any ever. i would probably be paying more than i normally do but don't want to if there's not a demand anywhere. thx disco
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I'd buy them if they were in my size, for the right price. I used to check for westons on EBay, but there were so few (and then only in small sizes (7, 8, etc.), that I stopped. There seem to be far more Lobbs and Edward Greens than JM Westons. FWIW, of some Weston auctions I've seen, I have been amazed at how few bids they get -- how shoes that would be $450 and up retail only get 4 or 5 bids and go for $100 or less. Granted, some have been lizard skin or gator (which would mean they are $1000+ retail), and thus less broadly appealing, but still.
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I'd be interested for the right price too. Westons on ebay are few and far apart.
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I would be very interested in size 12's (US).
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They seem to get much less press than lobb and the like. Maybe i'll tell my sister, who works in PR, to get in touch with them. I don't own any but they do look very nice. I'm sure people on this forum would be interested.
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thanks for the replies. i wouldn't want to overextend and end up eating some pairs, just wanted a feel of the demand
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I'll happily buy almost any Weston in a US 9.5 - assuming a reasonable price point. I have 2 pair now, and they are very fine shoes. Finding them in the US is difficult - especially at a good price.
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They are very rare and will probably sell more quickly than just about any shoe brand I can think of, depending on the price of course. I've never sold new ones, only used, but the pairs I've had have always sold immediately.
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I'd be interested as well--US size 7.5. Their split toe (demi-chasse?) I find particularly appealing.
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all over any 11-11.5s here...
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I have never seen a Weston in person. If anyone has some pics, please post. Since I am inflicted with Imeldaitis, Lance, you can probably count me in for some 11's.
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Their website has good amount of their basic models: Their French site has few more models displayed. As a side note, for those listing their size, Weston sizes vary by model/last. I'm a US 9 and have shoes in 7.5, 8, and 8.5.
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I'm all over Westons in the right size at the right price.
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cool, thanks guys. i feel better about possibly getting them. i'll let everyone know on the sale board if/when i do get them
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Are they the original Westons or the new M. Perry models? Just my opinion, I don't favour the new Perry designs very much. They look neither Weston, nor the Italian style that they are trying to imply.
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