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Yoox codes?

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Does anyone have any at all? Would really appreciate it, and probably owe a drink. Thanks.
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Still no Yoox codes out there?
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I've never seen a Yoox code. Are we sure there actually are any Yoox codes ever?
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I would hope so, or the field to enter them is the all time worst tease. Well, with the exception of that one girl...
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There have been Yoox codes in the past. Free shipping and some percentage off, I can't remember the exact figure.
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Are you signed up for their newsletter? I checked on Google and it seems that any coupons that have been posted are out of date.
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Yes, I'm signed up for their newsletter (or what they call MyYoox) and they send out promotional codes from time to time but they don't come very often.
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