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very nice. Love their lineup, unfortunately ATM our $ is worth crap so will hold off till it creeps back up. 

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took a look at the website and some of the offerings do look nice....wondering if their $400 level reaches a bit higher then some of the other sub 500 offerings out there such as Jack Erwin....
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A couple of months ago Ian from the very informative blog From Squalor to Baller http://fromsqualortoballer.com/ posted The Quest for the Most Versatile Shoe, his election was the Ralph Lauren “Marlow”. My election is very close, Church’s Grafton in cordovan or an Alden LWB in colour 8. But then my brain begun to chew this idea: which is the most versatile shoe for travelling? Then I realise that I had to reduce the scope to vacation travelling, because business travelling or crossing the pond for a wedding or attending a specific event is a different kind of beast.

These shoes should feel at home in a bar, in a sports event, in a dancing party, allowing 5 hours of continuous walking in a museum and (very importantly) they should allow me to walk in a very nice shoe store without feeling weird (imagine stepping in Leffot wearing flip flops).

So I began my quest, following this criteria :

- They should look great with jeans, cords and chinos so I can increase or decrease the level of formality.
- They should be in a light brown shade (cognac, whiskey or bourbon to keep the vacation’s vibe), but dark enough to hide blemishes.
- Had to be on Dainite of some kind of rubber so it’s suitable for rainy days,

My options where two :

- Longwing bluchers in Dainite and was considering: Alfred Sargent Stepney (I bought a pair from A Fine Pair of Shoes a couple of years ago), Alden LWB, Herring’s Grassmere, Cobbler Union's Alex and Cheaney's Victor.
- The second option was a pair of double monks, but unfortunately this model is not sold with rubber soles, except for the Cheaney Edmund but the colour is too dark for my taste.
- I didn’t consider the short wing derby with rubber sole like the Herring’s Canning, the Church’s Grafton or the Loake Chester, all of them excellent shoes in their own right, because I like the gunboat heft of the longwing.

Since I already own the AS Stepney and I am a shoe freak, I decided that I needed the double monks but they should be MTO.

I contacted Daniel Porcelli from Cobbler Union and as always he was very helpful and flexible. I already own of 3 pairs of shoes from CU, one of them from their MTO program, so I was sure that I was in good hands. My first Cobbler Union shoes where also double monks, and we agree to use the same model but with a wider last (to be used with thicker socks), in cognac, racing green lining, with rubber sole (Vibram) and in the Chelsea last.

Yesterday my shoes where delivered and I couldn’t be happier, the shoes are beautiful, and as usual with CU no break in period. I have applied dubbing and brown cream so they can deal better with stains and blemishes. You can see them in their maiden voyage. I wonder if I should have requested a 360 welt, maybe next time. Beautiful shoes, excellent service, outsanding quality.

By the way, I am not related in anyway with Cobber Union, I am just a happy customer that wants to share.

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Got these about 2 weeks ago, they compare very well to my Carminas and Aldens, better in material and construction then Meermins and Loakes 1880 (well they should for the price).

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Just received my first pair of Cobbler Union shoes.  Most comfortable pair of shoes I own, right out of the box, with perfect fit.  I have a single pair of Carmina in a Rain last.  Two weeks later, and I am still trying to break them in, a painful process to say the least, but leather conditioner helped.  I tried two different sizes, so it is not a fit issue.  So, if form follows function, Cobbler Union is a clear winner. 

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I have just recieved my new LWB Alex model from Cobbler Union MTO program in chocolate brown. Great quality, very comfortable, I used them for the first time to go to the institution I teach, I was standing 3 hours and had no issues with them. The following day I run 10Km.

You can see pics from their arrival day and from the first time I used them. Does anybody have an explanation why taking pictures of shoes is so difficult?

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I find Cobbler Union makes some good designs (remind me Norman Vilalta old and most classic bespoke shoes, even on the in sole design). However, although the construction of Union Cobbler is similar to Carmina´s (in terms of quality), I find that the termination of Carmina is much better.

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I just received my first pair of shoes from Cobbler Union. They are definitely one of the most well made and attractive pair of shoes I've ever owned. I ordered this pair of Miquels after reading about the company in a NYT article. The entire process took about a week and a half and the product packaging was very nice along with a hand written note thanking me for my purchase. Very impressed with the company.


I'm teaching a luxury marketing social media class at NC State this fall and plan to write an article about the shoes and content creation.

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Hello Katadhin,

Please can you share / link the NYT article with us? Is nice to read how mass media approches the growing men's quality shoes movement that a couple of years ago was considered a niche market. The other side of the coin is that more demand means higher prices, well, that's life.

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Great shots, thanks for sharing!

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As a retired gentleman, the occasions when I need dressier shoes come less often than previously, and while I liked the looks of the CU shoes on their site I was more intrigued by the suede Barcelona driving mocs. Living in Atlanta I popped into the store a few weeks ago and was so impressed by the products and the people that I picked up two pairs. Very nice shoes at a fair price.
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It looks like the Louis has caught the eye of many, and I'm also considering it.  Anyone have a long-term report?  


I'm a pretty solid 11.5 in Alden Barrie/Trubalance, and waver between a 11.5 (5 last) and 12 (7 last) in AE.  Wondering what I'd take in CU Soho last...

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Anyone who wants to see these shoes, being shown by the owners, and can get to Manhatton on Saturday Nov 7, they will be showing at our "The Proper Kit" Trunk show: http://www.styleforum.net/t/509242/styleforum-and-a-h-present-the-proper-kit-trunk-show-in-nyc-nov-7-2015

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Hello M635

I am 11 US in AE in Park Ave model and 10.5 UK in CU, I hope that helps.

Contact Daniel in CU, he will be very helpful. The Louis boot is amazing, I first saw them in Claymoor's List and was shocked; they became my first of several puchases of CU shoes.

Best regards

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After about 1 year of heavy usee65dc8d341d69188c0cdc02fbf3f486f.jpg

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