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Custom White’s


Viberg gets a lot of press on StyleForum – deservedly so – but people should pay more attention to White’s. They’re a cheaper option (although, not much cheaper), with a more rugged background and a reputation for comfort. It also helps that the brand is extremely willing to do MTO options in anything you can think up. 


Tuxedo Help


This thread poses a simple question that could lead to a rich dialogue – what sort of cuffs should you have on a formal tuxedo shirt? French cuff or single cuff? Is there a standard, an expectation, and is there anything behind it, other than tradition?




Part of being a well dressed person is also participating in the other aspects of menswear culture, including grooming. Ditch the terrible and overpriced disposable drugstore razor for a classic straight razor. This thread will show you what you need, and how to get started.