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Leather Bracelets

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What do you think about Leather Bracelets? Is it hot or not? Looking into strating to make my own and needing feedback on some ideas.

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Are you a real Heidi? If so you would be in a better position to tell a forum of 95%+ men if wearing a leather bracelet is hot. Fwiw I don't find leather bracelets hot on ladies.
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Yes I'm real!! I see leather bracelets on men a lot of the time. http://www.britishwatchcompany.com/images/mens-leather-beaded-cuff-bracelet-p6473-7123_zoom.jpg like in this picture. Or are men not wearing them as much? Is it more geared to women? The thin and multiple style ones.

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I think we need more details about you to decide. If you're a sexy lady who likes leather bracelets then I think many of us will respond in kind and get some bracelets. Maybe post a couple pics and we can make sure that you're the sexy kind of lady we'd be interested in and will buy some leather bracelets from you.
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I am very classy! No need for pics! I have not started on them just needed ideas. Like some thoughts and what not to draw up something to start with.

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Lets see some pics on your wrists.

Post them slowly.
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