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But if I have shoes that I've worn for a while and like, why would I want to get rid of them? Besides, good shoes get better with age, both in terms of appearance and fit. I like getting new shoes as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't trade some old favorites for them.
l am alittle late to the party but; refurbishment should always be done. Who wants to be constantly breaking in new shoes. l would much rather an old pair that has aged beautifully and is really comfortable. Jcusey hits the nail right on the head here. Will: which pair of shoes has lasted for 30 years? They must be pretty good. l remember taking about 100 wears to break in some of my shoes. (wear once a week over 2 years). These shoes haven't aged a day and look like they will last forever. Then again, l have to face the prospect that [even if l live to 200 years of age] all my shoes will last me for the rest of my life. Nothing better than really good old shoes. l have one pair l wear that are 75 years old. They are still going pretty well. Don't know what they are.
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If the shoes are of good quality (and you shouldn't be buying crappy shoes) then you should keep on re-soling them. Good shoes will just get better looking and more comfortable the older they get, provided you take care of them. I have a pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots that I just got back from their 4th or 5th resole. I got the boots in 1980 as a gift from my grandfather, and I've worn them a lot since them. I've worn them for riding, working, and just walking around. I haven't taken particularly good care of them, either, but they are well made and have stood up very well. I would not trade these boots for any new pair of boots. They have character and they fit my feet exceptionally well. I've never used any of the factory refurbishing services, so I can't comment on them. The price seems a bit high, however, when compared with the services of your local cobbler. I've been lucky enough to find a number of rather talented shoe repair people. My latest re-working of soles and heels on my boots cost me $60. When I got my Church's dress shoes re-soled several months ago, it cost me about $40.
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this puts me of a mind to ask whether anyone has any cobbler recommendations in san francisco/oakland? /andrew
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Not to highjack a thread, but those Ralph Lauren branded C&Js on Bluefly, would C&J re-sole those? or would you have to go to RL? Anybody know their policies?
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