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Suspenders question

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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum.


I need help matching a purple tie (pictured below) with suspenders for my brother's wedding. Any suggestion on colours? Patterns? I only want suspenders with leather loops, and I will be wearing a very dark charcoal suit (almost black).





Thanks in advance!



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What color shirt will you be wearing? I shy away from any patterned braces for this.
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I was originally planning on a white shirt with a cutaway collar. I'm open to other colour options, as long as it's solid.

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I doubt anyone will even notice so don't worry: You should not be showing them anyway.
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You should either pick up the colour of the suit or the tie in the suspenders. The leather ends should match the colour of your shoes too.

So either some with purple in them or charcoal/black.
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Yes, although I might taking my jacket off later in the night (after a couple of drinks). Let me know what y'all think of these! I'm a big fan of paisley print, so I naturally veer towards that, but most importantly let me know you think of the colours. I will probably be wear black double monkstrap shoes, with silver buckles. If I can't decide, my last resort will be a solid black/charcoal. Thanks again in advance, gentlemen.







FYI these bottoms ones are a dark brown.

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Don't pick any of those - pick something you can wear in the future with anything - dark navy or black.
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The purple tie with a white shirt will look good with a charcoal suit. Good choice. For suspenders, don't match the tie. It will look like you are going to a prom. You want something that compliments the purple.

I have some suspenders in a soft grey that are neutral with almost any colorful tie, such as yours. That is what I would recommend.

These are by Trafalgar

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