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... and don't forget to bring back Kasper!
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Well, in case Connie never comes back we'll allways have Jettie
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We will never surrender our fight against the Great Satan (who is Asian American).
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Does anyone have a link to his youtube performance?
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Thanks lakewolf, although that was a little disappointing. Now that I've seen the underwear pics- I think yes, he is indeed packing.
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Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post
Dude, you just don't post pictures of hanging jews within the context of collection and decorating with "hangers."

That shit is just *way* over the line. You can't allow that kind of stuff to exist on the main forum. There are places on the net for ridiculously black humor to exist, but throwing that out in the open in an otherwise completely harmless thread is seriously offensive to a lot of people.

I like Conne and I'd like to see him back, too, but it was completely tasteless and he needs to learn where the line is.

+1. I missed this thread, but I'll now withdraw my call to lift the banning. He needs to learn where to draw the line.
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Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque View Post
SF is missing out on a valuable money making idea. I propose "SPONSOR A TROLL". Any member here can bring back a troll by contributing $10 to SF. In exchange they will get the tagline "(troll name here) Sponsor". The troll has 1 strike, and with time, and at the mods' discretion, are allowed additional strikes (max of 3). Afterwards, if they fuck up 3 times, they are banninated for good (or can be responsored for, say $20 or more).

j, I suggest you auction off one "SPONSOR-A-TROLL". The winner gets to choose which troll to resurrect, from a pool you pre-select. You could repeat the auction periodically, when the forum needs some new character.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
Instead of banning people, in future instances of unacceptable behavior, I will be dispatched to kick the offending poster.

I'd go for this.
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This kind of kicking ?

Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
To be honest, its a lot easier to kick someone to death than most people realize. I kicked my ex-roomate in the back about half as hard as I really wanted to at the time. It made a noise like a bass drum and he immediately started screaming and convulsing on the floor. He went to the emergency room for a few days. I had severely bruised his spine, back muscles, and internal organs. They swelled to the point where it was very dangerous and he was urinating and defacating blood, which is never a good thing. If I'd have kicked him any harder I probably would have killed him, and I was just pissed off that he was being a drunken idiot and wouldn't stop messing with me... I kicked him once, and I was completely shocked at the damage I caused to his body. Legs are much stronger than arms and even though I held back quite a bit and was just trying to "get his attention" I really messed him up. This is why I don't hit people unless I'm trying to defend myself anymore. The human body is a fragile thing, and its WAY too easy to go overboard without meaning to.
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Not fair; Slim would have entirely too much fun kicking annoying forum members.

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But here's the conundrum...if Slim stepped over the line again and made a comment about some member's/mod's kid, would he then have to kick himself? Possibly in the ball?

Is he flexible enough to do that? Has he got the testicular fortitude?

Who watches the watchers? Who kicks the kickers?
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Quis calcitriet ipsos calcitres? [/pig]
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Originally Posted by lakewolf View Post


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Originally Posted by lakewolf View Post

I hope he got some.
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