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Eidos Napoli at Pitti Uomo 85

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I could tell Antonio of EidosNapoli (aka @NickPollica here on Styleforum) was very much looking forward to Pitti this year. Not just because Eidos and parent company Isaia seem to be the darlings of the menswear hashtag every time the Florence fair rolls around, but because Antonio has focused this collection of designs around Florentine styles – in particular the Florentine craftsman, rather than the gentleman.

Some of the outfits look like what Michelangelo might wear if he were alive today. The artist was famous for entertaining guests in clothes paint-smeared and dusty with workshop shrapnel. The Eidos collection isn't so bohemian as that, but the fabrics are rough rather than crisp, with donegal weaves, crumpled scarves, and waffle knits. I particularly liked the casual rough wool jacket with caramel buttons pictured below.

Given the Florentine inspiration, there is of course casentino as well. The bright orange and green colors of traditional casentino cloth are splattered throughout the rest of the designs. The tailored jackets take after the cut of Liverano, the famed tailor of Florence's elite. You can see Antonio wearing one of these jackets below, with the sweeping curve from the gorge through the open quarters and welted pockets typical of Liverano's styling (Antonio's collar sprezz probably more a Neapolitan influence).

I went to the Eidos booth dreading another Isaia diffusion line, but was happy to find an independent creative direction. Antonio has an impressive confidence and fluency with menswear idiots idioms for a man of such a young age. Next Pitti I will be looking forward to visiting his booth as much as he'll be looking forward to showing it.

Eidos is carried by Styleforum affiliate Carson Street Clothiers, and will be at No Man Walks Alone starting this fall.

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Nice post. I really like that green knit in the first pic.
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Same here. I'm sure it's well outside my price range, though.
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Is that a casentino blouson? Clever, I'd wear that. I like the colors throughout the collection.
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Didn't know they make outwear and sweaters as well, good stuff
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There is an ebay seller Lord Midas [] who offers Isaia for less money than Eidos retails for (and my perception is that Eidos is a lower end spin-off, but correct me if I'm wrong).

Regardless of the price-point of Eidos being higer than I want to spend, I am taken with the sleekness (of the silhouettes) of the wardrobe pieces (particularly the outerwear), and the British influences (the heavy knit cardigan) with the Italian tailoring (to make it less boxy).

I see a great deal of Tom Ford in the pleated check suit (3-piece), and the hooded fur-lined parka (neither of which Ford invented, of course --- I do like, however, the idea that some of these design details and features might now be available for under $1K (in a blazer), under $500 (in a sweater), and under $1.5 K (in a suit). [The plus being that Isaia still exerts some quality control, it's still made in Italy, and the fabrics will be first rate].

But...then I went to Carson Street Clothiers, and learned that I was incorrect.

A blazer will set you back $1,400 (plus VAT and NYC tax) --- that's $1,650 or so.

Not a particularly good deal for a sister brand of Isaia.

Am I reading things wrong? Is this on par with Isaia?
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@thegreatgatsby - prices are dictated by fabric. The jacket you saw at Carson is a Loro Piana fabric that would be retail for arounk 4k at Isaia. The goal is not to be the cheapest here - its about value. Im proud that we can offer full canvassed clothing (and sportswear to go with it) thats entirely made in italy using the best fabrics in the world for a price that is actually accessible. We offer a large selection of jackets for under 1K as well, you just may not have seen them because Thankfully Carson sold through them!
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Thanks for that ---
And congrats on selling through at CSC. That's no small feat.

I very badly want the green (mossy gnarled) cardigan above. [It may even be a piece of outwear - as it appears to be over a toggle button sweater, so perhaps it's a collarless jacket?]

Is that available - and, if so, how much, and where?

(I need a 38/40 US) eidos.jpeg 4371k .jpeg file
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I picked up that jacket--a great specked wool/linen/silk blend--that Antonio is wearing in the picture above at Bloomingdale's SF yesterday. Definetely prefer Eidos to Caruso at this point. 

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@thegreatgatsby - Thats actually a gray heathered casentino wool blouson. Its $995 and will be available at Bloomingdales as well as a few other retailers next fall (this is all next fall's collection).

@jaywhyy - sounds like our brown summer donegal! I was wearing a winter version but the jacket you got is awesome!
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@np - let me know if I can put in an advance order for it - or if you have any specifics on the model (for reference when shopping)

PM if appropriate

-Can you find out if Bloomingdales outside of NY (upstate NY, White Plains, NY) will also be carrying your line?
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@np - Aside from Carson Street, where else can I find Eidos online?
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It will be at Bloomingdales
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Eidos, to my eye, has the most interesting stuff around at the moment. The designs, the details (esp. the pockets), the fabric, the silhouette are all fantastic. I wish someone here in Australia carried the brand.
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Ask the men's suiting department at

Perhaps they'll start carrying Isaia as a starting point
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