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Since originally reading this thread, I've been flirting (OK, it's now getting closer to heavy petting) with the idea of dropping a few bucks on some Borrelli wares on Ian's site.  I've never dealt with this seller before but, as a long-time Style Forum lurker, I put a great deal of stock in the positive recommendations of its members; your glowing reviews are enough for me.  I've spent the last few weeks searching for better deals on suits, but this one has me most intrigued. So here's the question -- can anyone provide some more input/feedback/info as to what I can expect from Borrelli?   I'm not sure how, but I've somehow managed to never come across much of anything from him, so I'm not terribly familiar with what he has to offer.  How are the cuts, drapes, fabrics, tailoring, etc?  I tend to like my suits to blend classic and professional (I'm a lawyer) with slim/modern/tailored (though not overly skinny --not quite, say, Dior Homme; think maybe Paul Smith London, which is the label on my favorite suit in my closet, a navy pinstripe).  The flat front trousers on the Borrelli suits is encouraging, but I'm just not sure. In any event, I'd very much love to hear any feedback that you guys can offer before I blow my 8 month old daughter's college fund on what look to be some very good deals.  I'm particularly interested in the suits, though I'd welcome any info on shirts, ties, and so on.  Thank you in advance.
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Shameless bump (see post above) -- any Borrelli suit wearers out there willing to share their insights?  Thanks, guys.
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BeesKnees: I own four Borrelli suits--a blue herringbone, a blue with white pinstripes, a charcoal with white chalk stripes, and a blue linen suit. These are the best suits I own. I would describe them as being classic Neapolitan. Soft shoulder line, tapered arms, high arm holes, rolled lapel. The construction is of the highest quality. My tailor, when examining the suit, told me that Borrelli suits are as well constructed as Kiton, and better constructed than Brioni. The fabric, I would say, isn't as consistently outstanding as Kiton or Brioni, though two of the four I own do have soft, silky, fantastic fabric. The button holes are hand sewn, as is much of the jacket. I don't know about the pants, though there is quite a bit of handwork evident in the pants as well. The pants of the suits I own have tapered legs. I think that if Borrelli had the type of marketing and distribution that Kiton and Brioni have, you could easily see Borrelli suits creeping into the $3-$4 thousand dollar (USD) range. I would also pay close attention to the measurements on Ian's site to make sure that you get a suit that fits you well. Do not pay attention to the 40R or 44R number, for example, but look at all of the measurements Ian provides. There are many garments that have the same label size, but vary quite a bit in the specific measurements.
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