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Land's end suits

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Does anyone here have experience with, or information about, Land's End suits?  I know discussion here generally trends toward much higher-end stuff, but I am very curious if these are high quality for the price.  The reason I was looking there was a Consumer Reports test of sport coats I read many years ago.  I believe that Land's End was rated as the highest quality of all they tested.  Of course style is highly subjective, but many elements of clothing construction are objective enough to be measured. Anyway, they offer a gray Glen Plaid suit sold as separates (which I like because I wear a 40 jacket and have a 31" waist).  The pants can be ordered cuffed and in 1/4" increments of length. It has these specs: "Meticulous half-canvas construction" "Luxurious Super 130s wool" "Silky-smooth Bemberg® lining in body, sleeves" The pieces are $315 and $165.  How does that sound? Scott
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I don't anything about the quality of current Land's End clothing as I haven't purchased anything from them in probably 15 years. However, I do know that they are now owned by Sears, so for whatever that's worth, I would keep it in mind. I believe you can actually find many of their clothes at Sears now, so you may want to visit your local mall and look at the suits in person. Bradford
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ok, so that means you could wear a size 40R suit with a little alteration on the pants waist (usually, they come in about a 34" size) from a good tailor. I think lands end is great for sweaters and casual shirts, but for the combined cost of the jacket and trousers you mention (around 400-500 dollars, maybe you might go as high as 800??) i think you could do better--here are some EXCELLENT choices, that would be WELL worth your $$, i think:
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ok, so that means you could wear a size 40R suit with a little alteration on the pants waist (usually, they come in about a 34" size) from a good tailor.
My understanding of suit pants alterations is that you really don't want to have to take in more than two inches. Is that an accurate assumption? Some pants I wear in a 30" waist, so the pants from a 40R suit could need to be taken in 4 inches for me. I just can't believe that that isn't too much. I appreciate the eBay links. I am starting to come around to the idea of buying a suit off of eBay thanks to this forum. I don't know if I am ready for it yet because I don't know anything Brioni, Oxxford, and the other brands often mentioned here. As I learn more about suit construction and how to identify high quality I will feel more comfortable about it. Right now I am at the level where I know what looks good, but I don't know why it does. At this point I would prefer a trusted brand that provided value for my $500 (or less) rather than trusting my instincts to pick a bargain. And Bradford, Sears does carry some small amount of Land's End merchandise in their stores but not nearly the entire line. Mostly plan shirts and sweaters - the high inventory stuff. Scott
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i would venture to say that every suit in size 40R will have a size 34" trouser. I actually have much the same problem you do; a small waist and broader chest/ shoulders. if i wear the trousers on the natural waist, for braces, i can get away with the tailor taking less out of the waist (i wear a size 42R jacket, and waist is about 32-33"). the solution is what is called a "re-cut," which only a skilled tailor can do. suggest you find a tailor that does custom-made suits in addition to alterations in your area. ok, so your budget is about $500? i just think life is TOO short to wear a cheap suit (by cheap, i mean any amount of the suit is fused, and when you buy pants seperate from the jacket, there may be a slight difference in colors, as they are not cut from the same bolt of cloth). i'm sure you can find something in that price range, esp if you ask Harris on this board. examples of suggestions:
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whoops, forgot a couple of suits in your price range: (hickey freeman having a good sale online right now) (suggest you watch for deals on Dunhill, Hickey Freeman, Zegna, Canali, and Dolce suits. all are stitched suits, with the best hand-finishing details possible for your money....which equals a much longer lasting suit). also suggest you check out for Jack Victor or Hilton suits, and good info on their construction. good luck.
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