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Totokaelo if I'm not mistaken. Was looking at their buy the other day. Generally pretty conservative except for that piece
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I really need to visit Seattle.
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I'm curious as to how some stores are allowed to put their Dries buys online and others aren't. How does it work?
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Probably like EG. Early adopting accounts grandfathered in/allowed to sell online.
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Totokaelo is like 2 years old

think it might be a EU specific restriction, only seems to be vendors based in the EU who aren't selling DVN directly online
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totokaelo has been around for like 12 years. i think their men's store opened up two years ago tho
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Roden Gray is Canadian and they don't stock Dries online so it can't be just an EU thing.
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My guess is it's a case by case deal where they acknowledge that retailers need to put stock online but they don't want the brand appearing everywhere yet so they're choosing accounts. I'm not sure what the logic is with who they allow but it seems like spots with significant web presences like Tres Bien, LNCC (both EU), and The Corner (online only) had Dries up years ago. But then so did WrongWeather which I can't imagine has the same online footprint. In any case, I'm happy more stuff is available to look at.
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LN-CC no longer stocks Dries (nor Ann D, Haider Ackermann, etc). I spoke to a retailer in the Netherlands who sells Dries menswear, and he told me he was not allowed to buy the women collection - as the Antwerp store was too close to theirs (Rotterdam) and they want to limit the amount of shops. They were not even allowed at all to sell Dries in the online shop, he told me they were very strict on this.

TheCorner also (only) sells menswear - I am sure they'd love to sell the women collection as well but it wouldn't surprise me if they can't.
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However, LN-CC does sell drink coasters that are mysteriously the same price as Dries pieces, and if you buy a coaster, who's to say they won't slip in a Dries piece for free? wink wink
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Dries AW 2002  



photo dries2002_zpsa8db8d92.jpg





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miscellaneous knitwear bump




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SF Barneys will be getting their first shipment this wednesday for all the bay area people
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some of the new stuff is up on the barneys website for pre-order. IF Boutique also got their first shipment in. it's very nice. i'm really excited for this collection. love the high-waisted bottoms and the slouchy tops, and of course the robes
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