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These? I'm sorry i'm so in love with Tans lol
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What looks to be Loake Aldwych for £120.


You're welcome.

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Not sure where the OP is, but they don't ship to the US.
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Originally Posted by Fred G. Unn View Post

Not sure where the OP is, but they don't ship to the US.

Yes i'm from NY..
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Have a snoop on for English shoes shipped to the US. They deduct VAT (tax) and often throw in shoe trees, polish and shoe bags to sweeten the deal.
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FWIW I have a pair of CT dress shoes - they were advertised as calf leather although not made in the UK. They are by far my favorite shoes - and that's saying something since i have some AE Strands, Delrays, and Park Avenues. The CT shoes seems to be greater than the sum of its parts and the shape of the last makes them a great looking shoe.
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I agree with @bjornb17 - I have love my CT shoes better than any others I own. I have about 12 pair dress shoes, many recently acquired. I have three pair of CT shoes and plan to buy more over time.  It also doesn't hurt that they are one of few makers to offer US11.5 EEE in most of the shoes that they sell.

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Oh, forgot to say that they have excellent customer service; the feel I get is they have the best customer service I'd dealt with recently. As one example, one of my shoes developed a frayed lace within a month and they sent me a nicer pair of flat laces to the US as a replacement, free of charge.

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I will NEVER EVER buy CT shoes again!!!  PERIOD!!!!!  You, of course, can buy them if you have money to throw away for good looking shoes of inferior quality.  


I took advantage of a 2014 discount and purchased boots and shoes.  I used the boots and shoes from about Nov 2014 to Dec 2015.  It was only after rain after long California drought that got my foot immediately wet, and looked at the sole to see a big hole.  


For the limited amount of usage (I drive to work in an office) this seemed absurd and contacted customer service.  


The rep. suggested I might have stepped on something sharp and that I could easily get them repaired somewhere and they would give me store credit because it's outside the 6 month guarantee.  I thought maybe I did step on something.  So now I started wearing the shoes...and a week later, I see that the sole developed a hole in the same area.  


That's ~$500 USD worth of shoes to only get about 13 months usage out of you can see from the picture of the heel, it is not very worned down.  And also to clarify, i do not have a walking disability - never in the history of purchasing shoes has this ever happened to me.  


I'm again wearing shoes I purchased three years ago of similar construction with plenty of life still in them.  I should have just gone to Nordstroms again!  


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