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Promiscuous T-Shirts


Promiscuous tees (or slutty t-shirts, if that’s your thing) are loose fitting long t-shirts with big scoop necks to show off your man breasts. With a few days of warm weather amid a crushing, awful winter, I thought it’d be appropriate to highlight a thread featuring an increasingly popular summer favorite for StyleForum SW&D posters – maybe you’ll be able to pick some up on sale. 


Expensive Bathrooms


I’ve always thought a ‘luxury bathroom’ was a bathroom with a Japanese talking toilet and a bidet, but I was wrong. Apparently there’s an entire world of design and aesthetic development for our least favorite rooms – and this being a furniture thread on StyleForum, there’s lot of minimalism. 




This is probably the first movie I’ve featured, but holy shit the new Godzilla looks so awesome. And it has Walter White! Holy god.