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Chocolate Filled Toaster Strudels

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I miss the chocolate filled toaster strudels.
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Should I tell everyone else about the offer we got. I feel they should know.

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Why would you name your thread after Hitler's book and expect reasonable responses? Go fuck yourself.
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This store is selling a discontinued food item... Seems legit
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Shut up.
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Originally Posted by Teach Me View Post

It was German. I didn't mean to connect it to hitlers book. 

My apologies if it offended anyone.


Had the meeting. Sat down in a room in the library and tried ot lecture me. I went with the flow. That's how you deal with these people I read. Basically told me I fucked up on the assignment, lectured me like he thought he owned me, your doing good in class part of the team but i don't feel your contributing much to the team. Tell me how what you have done for the team, I tell him, (playing along)( he writes it down (probably to show it to someone.) Then says, this is all things you have done for the past, what will you do in the future...

He says "i am the ceo"," I am the leader", I am the elected leader multiple times throughout the meeting. Don't talk while I am talking. He says no one is mad, talks to me like a child.

Then he says" I may have acted a bit harshly the other night but I had to make decision I am the leader. I would have done that with everyone else, okay, maybe not as harshly to them". (ooh a jab at me). Then says , we are going to shake things around after the class is over to move the actual product forward (i want to take you and that other kid too). "I want everyone to sign a release waiver for everything they have done and everything that may be copyrighted." (This product is applicable to copyrighting and now we all know where this is going.) I said, "at this point I would have no problem signing the waiver." What do you mean at this point!? What do you mean? I said if you put the waiver out "right now" for me to sign I would sign it. Then he says I want a one page reflection paper on how you have helped this team before so i can read it on my flight to Florida during spring break.

I say when is that? that sounds good to me.

... What would you do at this point?

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Okay, I changed my post to a better first thread.
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Sounds to me like you need a final solution for this CEO.
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Yeah, that still doesn't save this POS thread.
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For the OP....Yahoo answers. nod[1].gif

I don't understand this thread. I've never had them. Probably an American thing.
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Looks like the asshole OP completely changed the title of his thread. To be clear, that son of a bitch initially named it Mein Kampf, an obvious reference to Hitler's book. He also asked for shit advice about some shitty high school project he's working on. I hope he dies. Faggot.
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backdoor shenanigans smh


and here i was quite innocently looking for a thread on chocolate. gotta get those flavonoids!

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