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Yet another wedding suit question

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Hello all,


Since getting engaged, I've browsed and searched looking for ideas concerning myself and my groomsmen, of which I'll have six. The bridesmaids will be in deep navy dresses, and I'm not looking at options for my guys. After carefully picking my battles in the wedding planning process, I made my biggest stand at the issue of groomsmen attire. "No, they will not all be wearing Men's Wearhouse rentals, dear. No, I will not dress my closest friends as little boys in potato sacks."


I won the battle, and she agreed that I pick something similar for each groomsman to wear, with the concession that they all wear the same color. I'm ok with that, but her newest thought is of them all in black suits and myself in a tux (it's an evening wedding, calm down). I like the tux idea, but I'm not sold on black suits. This is where my questions come in.


If I decide to wear a tux, would something like varying charcoal suits be too informal for the groomsmen? Or would I be safe in having them in black?


Also, if I'm shopping around for six guys on six different budgets, with only two of them currently owning a suit, can you toss out some options for where to look for black suits in varying price ranges? The wedding is in December, so I'll have to be quick on some decisions.


Thanks for the input ahead of time.

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Having your groomsmen wear charcoal suits sounds fine to me, certainly better than black. If you want more feedback though, you might have better luck posting your question on the official wedding thread.
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Do NOT have your groomsmen wear black suits.
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