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Red Wing Boots


Red Wing is the brand that keeps on going – it’s been around for decades (centuries?) and still retains a loyal following on StyleForum despite the eclipse of workwear and the growth of more expensive, higher-end boot brands. Are these fans on to something? Hell, everyone needs a pair of unbreakable, shitkicker boots.




The first time I ever read about Vass on the internet I pronounced the brand “V-ass”. How little I know then. Even though my pronunciation skills left much to be imagined, I was still able to recognize how awesome the shoes looked, and how excellent the pricing was compared to other high end shoe brands. Baller.


Alden x StyleForum x BASKETBALL


Yea, whats up StyleForum? How’s that bizarre confluence of fashion and sports going – the inarguable Alden x StyleForum x Yahoo Basketball (obviously not official) fantasy basketball league going? Check in.