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Thanks for the info, Journeyman. It's really appreciated.
Only thing I have still to work out now is my size. Can anyone tell me how these fit? Do they run small, large, whatever?
My feet are quite long and narrow so that I'm usually between UK sizes 10 and 10.5, 10 being narrow and 10.5 being long enough. Advice?
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Originally Posted by Sebastian View Post
Herringshoes is a great source for shoes...Adrian was very kind and helpful. I can nothing but highly recommend them.

But not really fond of the Loakes. I have just one pair, but i don't think I would buy them again, although I wear them occasionally...


I have a pair of Loake Twynning seconds (MTO for Herring Shoes). Afaik, they are the same as the Loake Durham from the 1880 range, except mine don't have combination heels. A similar shoe was available from Tyrwhitt a while ago. Leather quality is so-so; very thick, so probably durable, but not supple at all, also has a very dry hand (for lack of better term, don't know if that makes sense). Basically looks and feels more like full grain leather than calfskin.
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up for further input.
the 1880 Burford looks pretty good to me.
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+1 Those Savoys are nice. I like the proportioning of the toebox. Great to see all of these other photos too.
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Seems there's a bit of a Marmite effect going on: love them or hate them. I love them (though hate Marmite).

I used to pick them up cheaply from a shop just off Victoria Street in London, when I worked nearby. Still have several pairs which I've kept for years. Most were agony for a week or so but all are marvelously comfortable now and won't be needing replacing for many years to come.
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Well, I was going to start buying Loakes as a beginner shoe-buyer. If they are so rubbish, what are some other shoes in the same price range that are better then? Aldens and Allen Edmonds are not available in Britain.
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I do. I've got three pairs of Loakes and couldn't be happier with them. I've got a black semi-brogue, a brown semi brogue and a brown full brogue. I can't remember if they were from the 1880 range as I think I picked them up as "seconds" from the Herring website. No issues with quality of leather or workmanship and they've started to age beautifully. To be fair they remain my first foray into "quality shoes" so I don't know what I'm missing from Chruchs, C&J etc etc I'd recommend both Loakes and Herring whole heartedly if you are a beginner buyer like me and don't be scared of "seconds" from Herring; they're fine.
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By SF standards, I'm not much of a shoe snob (the most expensive shoe I own was still under $400) but I have to confess I was disappointed by Loake. I got an 1880 adelaide and found the leather a bit shiny and cheap looking and the shape not terribly sleek. Mine also aren't all that comfortable. I have some Trickers and Grensons that I vastly prefer. Maybe I just got a bad pair.
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this is an old discussion thread. now there is already a dedicated loake appreciation thread. anyways i put on my views about loake.

my answer to the question is a very big YES I DO. i have three made in england brands, loake, cj and cheaney. among the three, i love my loakes the most. i love the capital last very much. it's a last of true to my size. i love how fast the 1880 line breaks in.

imo how the shoes fit my feet is the most important factor. i have the 348 and 337 of cj. they are expensive shoes to me, but i'm frustrated with the fit. i will know the last is not for me if the heel keeps slipping off despite size is correct. i learnt this well from the 348 and 337 before i found the capital last of loake, which makes me to hate cj 348 and 337 the most. cheaney sits in between because i find their imperial line a bit inconsistent. i dont have heel slippage in the balmoral and kensington, but the buckingham. all is in the same size.
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Hi - I've just posted a (somewhat Loake-centric!) website on shoes, shoemaking and etc.  I've created it just for my enjoyment and interest ... and yours.  Please have a look at it and comment on it either as a post here or via the contact form on the site.  I'm especially keen to have others try out the size and fitting calculator and then let me know how well it works. The site is here Best wishes

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I think the 880 line is good quality

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