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New Guy

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Hello Everyone.



  l'm a  6'4", slim build, average looking, reasonably fit, fully employed, single guy who likes black and white movies, mountain biking,  woodworking, motorcycle riding and practically  anything vintage. ie, trucks, planes, trains, ships, rotary telephones, you know, things old and mechanical.

I live in a small tourist destination town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Reason for joining this forum?

Touch base with others like me who have a hard time finding  clothes that fit and  are well made of quality materials.



Mr Gruff.

Edited by Mr Gruff - 2/22/14 at 7:26pm
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You are a bore. Stop posting.
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I think I will add this to my list of threads to monitor.
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Mr. Gulf was banned for not sending the requisite genital pics. Good riddance.
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