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Hi guys.As we all know many men especially models,actors and normal people shave their underarms.A lot of people when they see these guys characterize them 'gay' and they disapprove them with their friends.Well, i want to shave my underarms just to try it and say 'yes i tried this out once in a lifetime' i am not a model or an athlete but i want to try it..what is your opinion? is it actually 'ferminity'? or it is normal? what do you think?

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Hmm, I guess a trim is okay, because hairs sticking out is Gross, But not sure abt shave tho. If u wanna do it, do it. Fk other ppl. Grows back anyway
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this is what i first thought triming..and i think it is okay for men though! thank you very much for your interest buddy :nodding:

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I'm 23 have full tattoo sleeves, hands, ribs, chest and stomach tattooed. In shape but not super athletic, just job a bit. And I shave my underarms completely. I do it to help with sweating through my dress shirts. shaving plus using certain dry (antiperspirant) has completely solved this. I would recommend trimming before you shave so you don't have to go over the same area multiple times the first time. Nothing gay about it.
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yeah in this case you are not only looking better (your underarms) but it is also healty. in this case it is okay shaving n triming! i think i am going to shave mine too :) thanks for your time!

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I will also say that I've heard it helps with body odor as the sweat doesn't stay stuck in your armpit hair all day. And honestly I don't think it's as noticeable to people as you would think. I've never had any of my friends say anything.
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Do not shave them.

The stubble is horrible. Use nair. I do it every 3 weeks or so, for 8 mins then hop in the shower. I've been doing this for the past 12 years.

It's a lot more hygienic, and who sees your underarms anyway?
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I don't seem to have any problem with the stubble I may just be used to it though. Also I shave probably every three days.
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i shave mine once a week, no discomfort on this end.
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I use clippers and trim mine.
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I shave mine. Once every 3-4 weeks.

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I use a crystal deodorant. As some of you who use this deodorant know, it works much better without underarm hair. I shave mine every 3 days or so.
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Originally Posted by zatarregaza View Post

I use a crystal deodorant. As some of you who use this deodorant know, it works much better without underarm hair. I shave mine every 3 days or so.

I think pit hair is the biggest contributor of smelly ass dudes.
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There is absolutely nothing gay about shaving your armpits and it really helps with sweating too. I have never felt stubble annoy me or cause me pain. But at rare cases it might itch after the first time.

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You should roll on for underarms

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