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Bexley combined orders to the UK

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I'm going to be purchasing a pair of Enfields very soon, and I just can't come up with a second pair I really need right now. For those of you unaware, Bexley has a standard buy 1 pair at 140e, get the second pair at 90e deal. Shipping is 5e to the UK for the first shoe, and essentially free for the second, so basically nothing.


I thought people who also just wanted one pair could organize here and combine orders--bringing a 145e (£120 or $200) shoe to about 118e (£96 or $160).


Any dress shoe works for this deal. You can sort by goodyear welted and blake stitched to the left. Generally the leather is calf, some are cow.

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Just come across this brand and am similar as in I may only want one pair. Not sure how this would work out with shipping but the idea desrves a bump.
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Hey Tangfastic. Do you live in London? One of us could order and meet up with the other and exchange. If you live outside London, one could ship it to the other? Or if you come to London frequently you could pick up whenever.

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Hi, I don't think I'm interested in doing this myself, I'm not in London often and am not looking for any shoes right now. I'm more likely to be in Paris sooner than London, so I'll be able to try on and find my size and buy in person. Thought I'd bump in case anybody else wanted to do this as I'd also like to hear more opinions from those knowledgeable on shoes. From what I can tell it looks like they are a good price to quality ratio (I'm hoping Loake / Grenson quality but a little cheaper due to their costing model) and I'd like a pair of Enfields in black for next winter if my impression is correct..
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Gotcha. Thanks for the reply. If nobody else is interested I'm probably just going to buy one pair.

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