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Suit Supply Toronto

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Has anyone been into the new Suit Supply store in Toronto?  I'm interested to know what their inventory and pricing is like to see if it is worth taking a trip in this weekend.



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Are they open? Crap, I was just in Yorkville and would have looked in.
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Would like to get some intel about the store as well.

Perhaps a SF Toronto flash mob meet-up. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by millerwon View Post

Has anyone been into the new Suit Supply store in Toronto?  I'm interested to know what their inventory and pricing is like to see if it is worth taking a trip in this weekend.


Why not visit and report here rather than use your first post hoping someone else has done the leg work?
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Seems that it opened February 20 as per the SS website.
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Was there on the opening night. After 4pm it was an invitation only party -- didn't know that and ended up going there. The guy at the door just asked me to come in anyway :).


Since it was crowded it was tough to get a good look, but I noticed a lot of jackets meant for spring/summer. Light wool and linen jackets.

The price point seems a bit high compared to the US counterparts.


They still don't have the MTM program as they are renovating the top floor of the building where it's going to be housed.

ETA is 2-3 months.


I tried on a blazer and quite like the fit but the huge patch pockets was a turn off for me.

(They told me they never have sales or promotions)

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I plan on going tomorrow. Comparing prices online, when shipping to Canada the prices are $30 higher than the US, and with the exchange rate that means pretty much on par I'd imagine.

I don't know if the prices in the store are the same as online, but if they are then it's a pretty great deal considering we also get shafted for prices here in Canada. If the prices are way higher than online, I'll probably try on in store and buy online or wait till I go to the US.
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I went to Suit Supply Yorkville today ( Sunday ) and the store was quite busy. Still managed to look around and ask staff questions when required.

My first impression when I walked into the store was..." many things are Brunello Cucinelli look a-likes". Nice displays, Nice colours, Lots of space to walk and try things on.

The staff is very helpful in determining the proper style that will fit you. They do have alterations done on premises at an extra cost. As another member posted earlier in 2-3 months they hope to have there MTM program running.

The selection is plentiful. The items look very well made. Though I have a hard time paying their prices for "Made in China" when we have the Harry Rosen Outlet not far away with very decent prices for items "Made in Italy"

Also as another poster mentioned they will not run any sales or promotions.

I spotted a few nice blazers but won't be jumping to buy them at $429 plus tax.
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Their stuff is made in China?
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That was the answer from the sale rep I spoke too. I did notice the shirts and the few blazers I tried on did say made in the republic of china.

The materials are beautiful and probably woven in Italy and the styles are more to my liking than Brooks Brothers.
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I went in a couple weeks ago and ended up finding a nice half lined medium blue sports coat for the summer (Washington model). Fabric is fantastic, very light weight and far more practical than a lot of the linen jackets they were carrying (can actually use it for work on a Friday). The service was excellent and the few alterations needed were done within a few days. To be honest I cannot think of a better value in Toronto. Uncle Harry's was selling something similar from Michael Kors that was 40% viscose or some rubbish for $650 and I walked out with this piece in 120s wool (not that I'm a stickler for thread count) for $480 after alterations and tax.


Just a note, I'd spead with a sales associate if you're looking for something specific. A lot of the collection isn't on display, and the stuff that is, is the trendier stuff (which may not appeal to all).

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120s? There is this one on the website but it has a slightly different fabric description. Is yours the same?


I've been in myself and heard the same thing from the associate.

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Sorry 110s! The horror tongue.gif yes that's the one. I was quite skeptical heading in but it's a great spot for non staple items
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Went there today, and I kind of have mixed feelings about the place, on the positive side, they have very nice looking pieces especially from a few feet back which is what 90% of the world cares about.  On closer look they seem to cut corners in every way possible (stitching, buttons, waist band etc) but really that's not as bad as it sounds as these pieces are dirt cheap. Around 450-550 for a suit and under 500 for a sport coat.  The fabric is nice enough that you wont really have any complaints (good at least in the sub 1k price range).  I would definitely recommend these suits over anything you can get at moores, hugo boss or any other generic department store brand.


Where I get mixed feeling about the place is sale personnel.  They are very very different than anything you would see at a harry rosen or brooks brothers and their idea of what a fitting suit is seems to be way off.  For some reason they keep recommending suits that are way too small.  Also everyone of the sales reps there seems to be showing 2-3" of cuff.  It is the strangest thing seeing a fitted suit that is a mile short in the sleeves.  Finally the lack of ability to adjust the sleeve length on there suits is a major downfall and I am not sure why they build them with working button holes.  Even bespoke suits normally put fake holes on because no one leaves them undone and for some reason the pants are all drop 6 even though some of these suits seem to be tapered at the waist for a drop 8-10.

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