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Cars We Drive


Nice clothing is part of a nicer aesthetic lifestyle, which includes beautiful automobiles. From rare Italian imports to lovingly maintained ‘90s Mercedes and BMWs (there’s… a lot of BMWs and Mercedes from the ‘90s), this thread catalogues all the wheels that StyleForum posters envy and own.


Yohji Yohji Yohji


Yohji is a galaxy of his own, with universes of amazing seasonal collections circling his mass-filled, awe-inspiring center. This thread is great for two reasons: one it’s an education in a designer who inarguably has his own vision, and two, it features posters who don’t really venture elsewhere. 


American Manufacturing


For some people, owning clothing manufactured in America – just America – holds an ephemeral, atavistic value above and beyond other production locations. Are they crazy? Is it possible to construct nothing but a Made in America wardrobe? Chime in.