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Beautiful fabric and styling, congradulate yourself. But for godsakes... unbutton that bottom button.
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Do I detect double vents? Bravo.
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Nice. So, where to from here?
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The sleeves are a bit too long. They come down to your hands where the shirt should be. I think about half an inch shorter would do it. No need to adjust at the shoulder; just let them take the length off of the sleeve end. That should place the sleeve buttons a bit closer to the sleeve end, which would be ok, since they're a bit too high as they are. Beautiful suit, though. I really love the windowpane. I must get one.
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David, Thanks for posting the pictures of your new suit.It looks like your collaboration with Joe Centofanti turned out very well.I know you've said you have some physical imperfections to overcome sartorially(as do most of us) but you do look elegant in your new suit.Congratulations.
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Stunning suit. I too very much like your choice of fabric. May I inquire as to your height? The reason I ask is that my tailor consistantly tries to talk me out of 3-button suits as he considers my height [5'8"] to be a bit too short for their design. The style fits you quite well. Wear it in good health.... V-
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Not that my opinion means much, but I think the suit looks great. It's obviously well tailored and you seem very comfortable in it. Well as comfortable as can be expected when you're preparing to let the sartorial vultures here descend Congratulations - but I'd suggest having an argument prepared for when your clients take the new suit as evidence of your overcharging Gaz -x-
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Great job David. It is nice to see that you picked a nice pattern rather than the standard pinstripe or plain fabrics that most people would select. The suit looks fantastic and I would definately try another one from your tailor before you go trying others. The first custom suit is not always perfect but as the tailor gets to know you each new one is better. I know pictures can never show how great it fits. The custom suit really excells when you are moving around. It fits in all the right places and does not ride up on you. I think you should at least make the three button pledge. So raise your right hand and swear never to button the bottom button on a three piece suit again. I would agree with some of the others that the next suit should have the sleeve buttons kissing one another but other than that PERFECT. Thanks for showing it to us and good luck with all your future purchases. Once you have gone custom you will never be satisfied with RTW again so don't even think about it.
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Thankyou Suited for the compliments. I think Centofanti is a great tailor and the whole experience taught me valuable lessons. I cannot agree that it replaces RTW however. The experiences are different. I just bought a D'Avenza suit that I love for 1500 (versus 2600 for the custom) and there is such a feeling of objet trouve about it. Plus my bespoke experience with Harris was so odd (she could be really insensitive) versus my purchasing these lovely Neopolitan RTW shirts that fit me almost as well, in some ways better, I can see why both bespoke and RTW work for different things. I agree with Mark Goldberg, there are a lot of hacks doing bespoke and dealing with them is very unpleasant before you reach someone like Centofanti.
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Absolutely fantastic. Love the cloth and the cut is indeed flattering. I have a very similar cloth, I'll have to work up the nerve to be photographed in it. As others have mentioned, unbutton that bottom button. Having it buttoned just emphasizes your belly, unbuttoned, it will totally disappear. BTW, I really like the tie you're wearing.. Tom
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Brescd01, please take my comments with a huge grain of salt, as I am an EXTREME novice here. But I have to wonder. On the 6th photo down, it looks as if the pattern does not match up on the gorge from collar to lapel. I see that it's pattern-matched at the pocket. On a bespoke suit, shouldn't this be a detail that is not overlooked? I'm curious to hear the comments of these gentlemen here who are much more experienced than I in these matters. (By the way, it does look like a beautiful suit&#33
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Gorgeous suit, Doc. I think that the fit is impeccable. -Tom
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I think you underpaid. Absolutely love the fabric and fit. Would like to see some closeups of the handwork too (not to critique it but because I'm a terrible nerd and like to see how everyone sews :-) ) Ya done well Doc.
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Guill - the pattern should NOT match there. There have been some good threads on this before but short answer is that if it matches at the back of the collar it won't at the lapels unless you force it. Forcing it would be a bad bad evil thing.
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Guill - the pattern should NOT match there.  There have been some good threads on this before but short answer is that if it matches at the back of the collar it won't at the lapels unless you force it.  Forcing it would be a bad bad evil thing.
Thank you, Carlo, for eniightening this obvious amateur. Now I understand. My sincere apologies to brescd01. As I said, I don't know much yet, but I'm learning. And I hope no offense was taken by my very apparent lack of knowledge. As I said in my first post, it IS a beautiful suit.
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