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My centofanti bespoke suit

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So, here is my bespoke suit, which cost 2600 dollars (no tax in PA) and took 5 1/2 wks, verses the 4 wks and 2500 dollars that was initiallly proposed on the phone. There were two fittings after the initial measurements.
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Tremendous suit. We now know that it looks great on you (and makes you look great), but you MUST post some close-ups of the hand work on the suit. Also, did you tell Centofani that you button the bottom button on your jackets? If so did this in any way change the way he fitted the suit? I would imagine this would have been noticed in a fitting.
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loafers/suit combo.. Great looking suit
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Beautiful suit. Excellent choice with the window panes--if you don't mind me asking, what mill produced the material? The only thing I would change is the position of the buttons on the sleeve. I prefer mine a little closer to the sleeve's end, but I think that is purely personal preference. Bold choice on the ticket pocket. Congrats. M#4
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A flattering cut. I would resist fastening the bottom button, though.
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Excellent suit. Thanks for the pics.
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Actually, I'd be curious to see the top button unfastened as well to see the roll of the lapels. Thanks for the pics: you're far braver than I am.
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I like the personalized label inside the jacket.
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i have that same label on my custom suits (with my name on it, of course). they must all get them from the same place. mr. bresch, the sleeves are a bit long for my taste but it is a very handsome suit. i suggest you wear a pocket square and leave the top and bottom buttons undone. also, i like the way the sleeve buttons were done.
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That's a beautiful suit. Congratulations. The lapel and buttonhole are exceedingly well done, as good as anything I've seen. One quibble (and it is just that): Why is it so difficult to emulate the Savile Row style of finishing the sleeve buttons? As a matter of personal taste I would say yours are too high and spaced too far apart; they are also rather obviously working. The SR tailors seem capable of an elegant unostentatious placement that just blends in perfectly with the sleeve. In the US I've only seen this kind of finishing on some of the Alan Flusser bespoke suits (though no doubt there are others). I do prefer yours to the sort of "kissing" seen on many rtw suits these days, where the buttons are just sort of piled on one another. Congratulations again. Looks like a great start.
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Regarding buttoning, I recall being chided for this several times by Centofanti and his tailor, so I have to take responsibility. The mill was Scabal, or at least that is the brand. I do not know the mill. Regarding my "bravery," one has to accept that I am not a model and my wife no photographer, and also that there are always going to be some impolite flakes who say unkind things (vis several remarks about my Borrelli) and the inevitable bizarre pseudonymous post (viz "Mr Borrelli" and "Mr Brioni"). Once you accept this, it is easy. Of course, my seeing a patient who had weeks to live yesterday, does help put things into perspective, even for a neurotic Jew who is "the worst doctor in the world (Mark Goldberg)" I have no real complaints about the suit, but I would still like to know what the result would be with a superior RTW suit from Yoox or Ebay (say, Castangia or Borrelli) and substantial re-fitting of the pants. By the way, Centofanti's tailor went on and on about my Castangia jacket and how much he loved it, more than the Borrelli. I am glad I did not return it, it fits me very well now since I had the sleeves adjusted. In answer to the question "What now," I am waiting for some Jantzen shirts. I will appraise those and order more if I am satisfied. If not, I will try Liste Rouge, which is much more expensive but promises great speed at three weeks. My wife is vexed with me that I have so few shirts and she has given me an ultimatum.... I think I need another jacket or suit. Centofanti goes on vacation in August and he is so knowledgeable I really only trust him now to do alterations on anything I buy. I guess there is no rush. I have sent to Cordings for photos of their jackets. By the way, their bespoke jacket is truly bespoke and not MTM, but the catch is that it is half-fused and half canvas, whatever that means. I really do not have the patience to do these round-the-world bespoke orders with Darren or whomever. Local, internet, or bust.
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Nice. So, where to from here? Classic
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Doc, congratulations on your beautiful new suit. I think the cut compliments you - I like the shoulders and the relatively trim cut of the pants (based on the first picture). Only thing I would change next time (there will be a next time, no?) is the spacing of the cuff buttons, as someone had already mentioned - I like them "kissing" each other.
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Very, very nice. I too like the windowpane. In my next visit to Philly, at least I'll know who the well-dressed guy in the bespoke suit will be.
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