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Thanks Stitchy. I sort of scroll through as fast as I can.



Originally Posted by kulata View Post

Yes you did. Lemme go check. Lol

10 hours later, so I guess I didn't? Side note: your method of editing out your face is my favorite on this forum.


Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

I really like that knit with the linen jacket, Clags. Makes me think I should invest in another. The midnight one I have gets little wear, alas. That's your B&N linen suit jacket, yes?

If you can, get linen wool. Holds its shape better and wrinkles, for the most part, drop out faster. I have two linen jackets and two linen wool suits (with jackets that function independently). I like all four, but the blends are the best.

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any time.

i do the same, and i assume i miss stuff too. frown.gif
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I hate that this thread has me checking my posts to see if they've crossed the threshold. Fuck you, Clags. smile.gif
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it makes me happy that that makes you mad at yourself. devil.gif
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

yeah, i only posted one MC fit last week, but thankfully, it made the cut!


I know (well, I hope) you aren't being 100% serious, but is that now the aim of posting a fit these days?


If you'll excuse the opportunity I will now take to expand on your comment way beyond its original intent and make a more general point - if that's the case, then I think we'd really be better off without this thread... I had hoped it was going to be way of discussing what is particularly good, hence my suggestions in the first couple of pages, and my attempt to provide some actual positive critique with my 'top 5' choices, but it seems to have just become a catalogue without much purpose but to reinforce a certain kind of reciprocal giving of likes. For all that there are some really outstanding fits here and the overall level is very high, to be honest, I'm increasingly uncertain why, on any objective aesthetic grounds, some kinds of fits and members will get '20 likes' almost regardless now, whereas others wouldn't hit double figures even if they were the best things ever seen on SF. And I think there's still not enough effort from many members to understand what they are seeing, in favour of demanding superficially attractive photographs. Seeing requires as much (if not more) knowledge and practice as dressing, posing and photography do.


So, personally, I'm happier when certain people whose opinions and tastes I know and value like what I am wearing, even if that adds up to only 5 or 6 likes, or when I get a really perceptive critical comment that helps me do better - which is also what I try to do for others on the occasions I'm actually on the forum (which is not as regularly as some). I hope that's something to think about...

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Maybe tomorrow Ill actually write a serious reply, but aside from that, its not the end of the world to have a place where people simply enjoy certain fits/posts, for whatever reason that may be.

And besides that, I agree, certainly more dialogue will benefit the thread. Ill try and do that for future groupings.
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I agree with a lot of that (FM). This thread was merely meant as a repository for fits that, at bare minimum, are very good. Just that, and then anyone can do with it what they like.

I'm not sure how qualified I am to provide commentary or draw connections between fits, but it's something I'll try. FM, I'd love for you to do the same.

edit: I agree with a lot of Stitchy said as well
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Im glad my post went up first. Please not to edit yours.

Edit - dammit too late.
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I think there's something to be said to just have the thread full of pictures. It's nice to be able to scroll through "the best" and not have it cluttered with lots of text. But I'd also be interested in more discussion, in some concerted thread.


If I were qualified, I'd be interested in taking a fit that raises a certain question: Does this specific pattern matching work (in part because it is unexpected)? or something like that. The sources would be from this thread. I take it that was in part one of the goals of the good taste thread, with the proviso that the invited posters were likely to make a subjective cut and provide food for thought.

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To FMs post, for me, after some thought, I am actually quite happy with the way the thread is.

I think that I am very much of a different mindset of many people here. I rarely look at a fit for a very long time analyzing its nuances. I take a semi-quick look at a fit, and if it strikes me as nice, I like it, and if it strikes me as off, I don't, and sometimes it strikes me as mostly OK, but with some weak spots, but that is all as a fairly quick reaction. Depending on my mood, and on whos fit I am looking at, I may or may not provide feedback on the parts that are bad to me.

The only times I can recall really really looking at a fit is when it strikes me as something I LOVE and I want to look at it more and understand it more, and possibly see if its something I can recreate myself.

I rarely, if at all, go out of my way to find something wrong with a fit that strikes me as nice. Now, perhaps that is a disservice to the fair members of this forum, but as I see it, there is something to be said for simply appreciating something as nice, if thats how it strikes you. I don't think there is always the need to ogle a fit until you can spot a perceived flaw to point out to the poster, not to mention than imho, at that point I find most of those critiques to lean far towards personal preference than an actual objective issue with the fit. Like "I would rather see X instead of Y" and then 6 other people say, "NO! Y is better than X!!"

But thats just me. I have never been one for nitpicking much, that is well documented.

So, does this thread have fits that don't appeal to me? Sure. Do I need to point that out when they get posted? I think generally not. As is, if the thread were to simply be a repository for preserving fits that garnered love in WAYWRN for whatever reason, and perhaps people could help people garner inspiration from the fits that appeal to them, I think thats great. And if along the way there happens to be discussion about certain fits, thats also great. Either way, I think there is something to be gained.
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Since the fits in this thread are by definition, nice. Why not focus on what makes them nice, especially if they don't conform to any rule, than nitpicking all over again. **Sigh**

My 2 cents
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let me just get this out of the way before someone else does. clags, feel free to axe it if you like.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

When will the doctor take the casts off your feet?
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I was particularly pleased with this fit, especially as it was very outside my comfort zone. The square and tie might be a little matchy as the square both has secondary colors of teal and red. Don't know. I don't have much to say about individual outfits other than the standard "what would have worked better." Anyway, of all my outfits here, I think this was the most difficult to pull off for me.

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as always, i like matchy when it comes to PSs, so im cool with that part. wish you were wearing the shoes tho.

i have never personally been a huge fran of the color of that SC, but ymmv on that, in the context of the fit, tho whole thing comes together nicely for me.
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That shade of jacket makes contrast with the other elements tough to achieve, but I think it looks smashing, Clags. 

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