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Done by JCM (Click to show)











@An Acute Style








@Gerry Nelson





@Mr Knightley













Andy 57


The indomitable @Roycru







@Tom Miler


An Acute Style




People's Choice: Synthese (60)

CJP: Braddock / Gerry Nelson / @in stitches confounding objectively wrong by subjective guidelines with objective fact / Poszetka / Claghorn (peak lapel)

King of Texture: Cleav / Poszetka

Standout Oddity: Andy57 (a linen, hard three peak lapel suit) / yjung (extremely long jacket, still a good fit)



Not at 25, but what the fucking fuck award:

BUTCHY!!!!!! :laugh: 

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Aw man, sorry to overlap! I nearly posted the Butchstravaganza too snork[1].gif
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I didn't get 25 for that? WTF is wrong with you people?!

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I didn't get 25 for that? WTF is wrong with you people?!


Well, how much time do you have to review the exact nature of the mental imbalance of the posters to these fora? Do you want a summarization of the metadata, broken down by the type of neurosis, or would you lilke a detailed description of the exact nature of mental illness by individual?
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@heldentenor after a weekend at Bernie's


@An Acute Style





















Heldentenor and Godwin's Law

Originally Posted by heldentenor


We have our own version of Godwin's Law here:










@Gerry Nelson















People's Choice: Cleav (47)

Clag's Jury Prize: Anden / Toiletpicture / Cleav

Best Cotton Suit: Anden / Sugarbutch

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I must withdraw from the last category. That's worsted wool. But I do thank you for your consideration.
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It's a great suit though!

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@Andy57 25

@mossrockss 26


@upr_crust 26

@Andy57 33

@Roycru 40

@Coxsackie 34

@Cleav 35

@Anden 47

@Sander 43

@luv2breformed 38

@PCK1 29

@justinkapur 25

@Anden 40

@Caustic Man 28

@Andy57 27

@Poszetka 26

@Caustic Man 46

@AlexRamius 30

@chocsosa 40

Next batch begins here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/36945

People's Choice: Anden #1 (47)

Date Range: April 26 - May 1
Total posts: 20
Total Thumbs: 670
Avg. per Post: 33.5
Median Post: 32.5
Range: 25 - 47

A few of JCM's favorite things: Crusty's banker stripes, Anden's light browns, Cox's rusty gun combo, Luv2 and Caustic's blue SCs,
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Same here. The suit is actually hopsack wool. Glad you liked it none the less.
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Wow! I got the people's choice award. That's very flattering. Thank you guys!
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@Dennis Walter






















@Gerry Nelson



(the other picture just wasn't gonna cut it)


@Mr. Six







@Andres 13












Andy 57






@An Acute Style


@sebastian mcfox










People's Choice Award: Gerry Nelson (44)

Best Dimple: Claghorn / sugarbutch /

Best Low Contrast: SYCSYC / Gerry Nelson /

Desperately in Need of a New Pose: Andres 13

Most Likely to get Banned for Using Racial Epithets towards other Asians: The Noods

Most Unlikely Outfit for a Poster: Claghorn (gray suit, black tie?!)

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@Cleav 53

@bienluienapris 33

@Mr. Six 39

@Pliny 27

@Claghorn 40

@Caustic Man 38

@dazedstate 25

@heldentenor 33

@DiplomaticTies 37

@UrbanComposition 28

@mc2k 29

@An Acute Style 28

@UrbanComposition 35

@Academic2 26

@Braddock 32

@bienluienapris 36

@Pliny 35

@blekit 30

@Sander 35

@Roycru 26

@Gerry Nelson 40

@patliean1 41

@justinkapur 29

Next batch begins here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/37350

People's Choice: Ye ol' Cleaver (53)

Date Range: May 5 - May 9
Total posts: 23
Total Thumbs: 775
Avg. per Post: 33.7
Median Post: 33
Range: 25 - 53

JCM's Labor Day Awards for all that grueling #menswear work:
  • Cleav for going the extra mile (fine, kilometer) to be sure he can take his pics in peace
  • Clags for lugging around a tie that I can only assume is made of rusted-out chainmail Shirt to go with it! (Click to show)
  • dazedstate for his willingness to wear heavy flannel in San Deigo
  • Ac2 for the guts it took to buy that jacket in the first place
  • Roycru for... well I think it's pretty obvious

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It's Labor Day JCM, take a break and have a beer.

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