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This round gets us up to April Fool's Day.


Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

attended a wedding in Malibu on Saturday





Originally Posted by Andy57 View Post

Pattern-free zone on a blustery Monday morning.


Th rest (Click to show)




Originally Posted by Andres 13 View Post

Good evening everyone. I want to show you my weekend fit.




Originally Posted by EFV View Post

Earlier today:



Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

Cardigan weather finally!





(Boglioli jacket and trousers, Aster shirt, Vanda Fine Clothing tie, Drake's square, J Lindeberg cardigan, Edward Green Dover shoes)



Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

Semi CBD as I had an interview to renew my fellowship.  Non CBD touches: longer back blade, suede o ring belt, polka dot nato strap, OCBD shirt.  Knot Standard suit, Spier and Mackay shirt, Lands End tie, Allen Edmonds shoes.  






Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post



Originally Posted by Dennis Walter View Post

Some fits from the past couple days...


Easter greens (excuse the mean mug): 




Thursday serious business (crap quality shoot): 


Shoes & Socks & Watch (Click to show)


X-post from the FC: 



Yesterday´s kit (funyn dance move included): 





Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

A sunny day, if with blustery winds. With no chance of rain, I'm wearing suede shoes - fingers crossed that a sudden weather system doesn't flood NYC . . .

Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - BB
Cufflinks - The London Badge & Button Co.
Braces - BB
PS - Ashear
Shoes - Carmina, via the Armoury, NYC
Overcoat - Joseph Abboud
Scarf - Paul Stuart
Hat - Christy's, via Fortnum & Mason, London


Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post



Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

The other day...



Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

...and today. Needed the layers, Spring indeed!




Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post



Originally Posted by Anden View Post

SC- Boglioli in a rust herringbone LP Zelander cloth

Shirt - Kamakura

Tie - Drake's

PS - Monsieur Fox

Trousers - Luxire brown flannels. Minnis 0307

Aldel #8 tassels







Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

Another clear, but cool day in NYC - more use out of flannel before spring warmth comes to the Northeast.

Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole
Shirt & tie - BB
Braces - Lewin
Cufflinks - Penhaligon's
Shoes - Septieme Largeur, Paris
Topcoat - JAB
Scarf - BB
Hat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center



Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

Grey with a bit of colour:




(Boglioli suit, Drake's tie and square. Henry Carter shirt, Crockett and Jones shoes)



Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

Corneliani, kamakura, rlpl, rubinacci.

i forgot to wear pants today too.



Originally Posted by Roycru View Post

A comparison of the brass buttons on a Brooks Brothers blue blazer and on a railroad conductor's uniform........

(No "Train Wreck" comments, please.  Some of us know what a train wreck looks like and have never seen anything posted in this thread that even looks like a minor derailment.)



Originally Posted by Roycru View Post

What about Deadpool?

@DerekS The conductor is on the left in the picture, the Brooks Brothers blazer is on the right.



Originally Posted by SYCSYC View Post

Some very nice outfits today gents.


As for myself, a combination of navy, lilac and brown with a touch of golden...







Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post




Originally Posted by Roycru View Post

Now that we have discussed brass buttons and superheroes, back to what I am wearing today.....

In the Iranian part of town wearing an old (3 button Made In America) Polo Ralph Lauren tweed jacket from before Ralph Lauren morphed in an assortment of different color labels, a pre "Officious Preppy Handbook" L L Bean maroon and white cotton and polyester blend OCBD shirt, an Orvis tie from the seventies, an old Viyella (45%-55% Made In Scotland) sweater vest, Thomas Pink pocket square, Land's End cotton twill trousers, and Allen-Edmonds shoes.

Yes, every so often someone does tell me what nice vintage clothes I am wearing and then I mention that they were new when I bought them.

As there has recently been some discussion about collar roll, a picture showing the collar roll on my old L L Bean shirt.  As you can see in the other picture, I (sort of) got my pocket square squared away after I took this picture.


People Of Earth, the "Officious Preppy Handbook" is a joke book (not a fashion book) and was in the "Humor" section in bookstores when it was published.  There is nothing wrong with polyester (or other synthetic) blends.  That rather tiresome woman who wrote that dreadful book ruined everything for everyone, and now clothing wears out or gets eaten by insects just like it used to before science tried to save us from all that bother.



Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

Last of my new Spier and Mackay shirts.  Navy pants.  







Originally Posted by Anden View Post

A little less colorful outfit today.

SC - Corneliani

Shirt - Eton

Tie - Drake´s cashmere

Trousers - Luxire in VBC flannel

Shoes - Black C&J Hallam





Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

^^^^ Tom, that is a riot of patterns, but I like it anyway - you certainly seem to be having fun!

The temperatures are to be mild by the afternoon today, so I am going to try going without a coat and hat, though by the weekend, both items will be necessary again, if weather prognostications are to be believed.

Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole
Shirt - BB
Tie - Damiano Presta
Cufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Braces - New & Lingwood
Shoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brand



Originally Posted by Andres 13 View Post

Good evening everyone.




Originally Posted by luv2breformed View Post





Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Bemoaning Spring and then the sunshine broke through today... Maiden voyage of the E G Cappelli tie, love it.





People's Choice: Cleav (57)


Best Odd Jacket Fit: Anden in Brown/Andres13/Mr. Six in Green/Cleav


Best Suit Fit: Luv2BReformed/Gerry Nelson in Grey/Murlsquirl/Crusty's PoW #1


Best Use of Minimal Design Elements (Color/Pattern): Anden in Grey/Roycru in Ochre/Murlsquirl/Cleav Blue on Blue


Next round begins with Pliny here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/35415#post_8387079

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Nice. I'll get another round in this weekend sometime too.
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I've mentioned before, but I am curious about what Mr. Six is hiding with the blurred out pictures behind him. Perhaps something which would reveal his identity as a superhero?

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These plus similar ones for CP3 and Agent Zero

From the from the guys behind FreeDarko and drawn by Jacob Weinstein.

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Mr. Six is my new favorite person. TD!

Olajuwon would be a great subject.
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Weeeellllllllll ... To alleviate that burden as quickly as possible I'll go ahead and say that I'm a LeBron stan. TD is the greatest power forward of all time and I respect his skills and longevity and appreciate his quiet dorky humor, but he doesn't really interest me. And I can't stand the Spurs as an organization (because I have a long memory and am petty).

But here's the full TD chapter, which is great. https://issuu.com/fdadmin/docs/freedarkoduncanexcerpt_02

Olajuwon would have been good for a style guide analysis but they didn't do one. I think they only did them for players who were active at the time of the first FreeDarko book (2008). And Olajuwan was a great player--whom I enjoyed watching play--but perhaps not that interesting.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Weeeellllllllll ... To alleviate that burden as quickly as possible I'll go ahead and say that I'm a LeBron tan. 



We can't hang out anymore :angry:


Thanks for the shouts @heldentenor 

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@Pliny 33

@Anden 50

@Tom Miler 36

@upr_crust 34

@Claghorn 43

@heldentenor 39

@Andy57 39


@EFV 42

@Sander 25

@heldentenor 40

@UrbanComposition 54

@luv2breformed 37

@An Acute Style 27

@Roycru 41
One often encounters bizarre businesses when walking around in Los Angeles. Walked past this earlier today. It's a "Bridal Exchange". Today is Sunday, so it wasn't open, but it looks like a place where unhappy brides exchange things that they don't want for things that they do want The bride in the picture in one of the windows appears to have achieved happiness by exchanging her groom for a horse. (Please, no comments that the place should be called a "bridle exchange" or that if one has a horse one needs a groom.)

Brooks Brothers blue wool and polyester blazer, L L Bean yellow OCBD shirt, Beau Ties Of Vermont tie, Hermes pocket square, blue and yellow surcingle belt, Orvis trousers, and Allen-Edmonds Walnut Strands. On a large enough monitor you can also see that I have (sort of) managed to get my watch (well, the watch chain) into the picture. It's harder to get pocket watches into pictures than it is to get wrist watches into pictures.

I do not know if there is also a "Groom Exchange" where unhappy grooms can exchange their brides for horses and then have an inside track to (eventually) getting a few pair of shell cordovan shoes.

For fans of pictures of small parts of people rather than whole people (there must be some fans based on the number of thumbs these sort of pictures get) and for fans of brass buttons.......

Many years ago, when I got this blazer at Brooks Brothers, there was no problem having working button holes added. Back then, two buttons was the default number of cuff buttons on three button jackets (and three was the default number of cuff buttons on two button jackets) but you could have any number of cuff buttons that you wanted. I wanted three buttons, so they put three buttons on the cuffs.

Recently, there seems to be an odd practice of leaving some of the cuff buttons unbuttoned. I have no idea why people do this. Maybe they miss having fly buttons to forget to button (since the invention of zippers) so they forget to button their cuff buttons instead.

(On the off chance that any unhappy brides look at the posts in this group, the "Bridal Exchange" is on Olympic Blvd just east of Bundy in West Los Angeles.)

@blekit 35

Sander 52

@Andres 13 29

@upr_crust 28

@Coxsackie 34

@Claghorn 36

Next round will start here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/35565

Date Range: April 1 - 4
Total posts: 20
Total Thumbs: 749
Avg. per Post: 37.45
Median Post: 36
Range: 25 - 54

Solid ties: 12 / Patterned: 8

People's Choice: UrbanComp

JCM's Highlights:
  • UC's pink tie
  • Sander #2's suit and overall fit - Best in Show for me this round
  • Clags #2's shirt, in that I wouldn't expect to like those stripes but I do
  • All the great shades of brown in this set
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@Murlsquirl 35

@DerekS 26

@mossrockss 44

@Cleav 40


@Gerry Nelson 40

@bienluienapris 26

@upr_crust 25

@spectre via Gerry Nelson 30

@Murlsquirl 30

@Andy57 37

@Mr. Six 26

@Anden 28

@Sander 40

@bourbonbasted 28

@Cleav 43

@Andy57 26

@Roycru 27

@jcmeyer 44

@Coxsackie 29

@Mr. Six 37

Next set begins here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/35745

Date Range: April 4 - 6
Total posts: 21
Total Thumbs: 689 (652 without the 21st post to compare to other sets of 20)
Avg. per Post: 32.81
Median Post: 30
Range: 25 - 44

People's Choice: mossrockss and jcmeyer tie - we'll let @Caustic Man do the honors of the tie-breaker, given his stated adoration of my fit

On the whole, this set falls a little flat and the stats confirm as much. Some bright spots, including the episode where Cleav took on the English wind and won, but most everyone in here regularly puts up better. Eh well, life goes on.
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I think @Sander is the outstanding fit from the last batch. That's a very well executed solid/stripe/neat/irregular pattern combination in well-chosen colors.
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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Weeeellllllllll ... To alleviate that burden as quickly as possible I'll go ahead and say that I'm a LeBron tan. 

We can't hang out anymore angry.gif

I feel like Iggy right now.

Think about it like this: without LBJ, you wouldn't have gotten KD.
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@sebastian mcfox


@Gerry Nelson




@in stitches




Sebastian McFox























@An Acute Style




Gerry Nelson


@Tom Miler



People's Choice: In Stitches (70)

CJP: Sebastian McFox / Sebastian McFox / EFV (Green knit) / An Acute Style

King of the Textures: Sebastian McFox / Gerry Nelson / Pliny

Most Interesting Fit: Sander (light gray suit) /

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@Dennis Walter


@Mr Engineer


@Mr Knightley










@Gerry Nelson














Gerry Nelson






















Dennis Walter




People's Choice: spandexter (61)

Clag's Jury Prize: Dennis Walter (casual) / mossrockss / spandexter / tweedyprof

Best Tie/Square Combination: Spandexter / ComfortablyDumb / Sander

Texture King: TweedyProf / Pliny

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@Gerry Nelson 26

@upr_crust 27

@Spandexter 50

@Roy Al 26

@DerekS 27

@Andy57 27

@Braddock 27


@Coxsackie 37

@calypso 32

@Dennis Walter 30

@Andy57 27

@David Reeves 26

@Coxsackie 34


@Andy57 28

@upr_crust 34

@Gerry Nelson 36

@bienluienapris 25

@Braddock 41

@Poszetka 54

@upr_crust 25

Next batch starts here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/36315

Date Range: April 14 - 18
Total posts: 22
Total Thumbs: 694 (615 without the 21st and 22nd post to compare to other sets of 20)
Avg. per Post: 31.55
Median Post: 27.5
Range: 25 - 54

People's Choice: Poszetka

A few of JCM's favorite things:

  • Gerry’s blue knit with yellow dots
  • Spandexter’s burgundy kicks
  • The socks hanging out under Coxie’s corduroy
  • Syc’s triple-bar slubs
  • Crusty’s quaint park
  • And Poszetka really did earn top prize with that combo - the rare square flair is beyond compare
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Robot @Cleav becomes self-aware 46

@Claghorn goes all crunchy vegan 32

Does that jacket go all the way up @Andy57 32

Everybody @yjung02 night 48

@bienluienapris has one hand in his pocket 26

Acute lapel flower for @An Acute Style 51

Side saddle @upr_crust 26

Just the beard tip @Braddock 45

@Synthese slummin' it on CM for 60

@Gerry Nelson is the teal deal 32

And the other one is hailing a taxi cab @bienluienapris 40

@Poszetka knows how to polka 34

Nobody understands my windowpane @upr_crust 27

@Mr Knightley as he appears during the day 27

@Andy57 being a selfie stick in the mud 29

@Claghorn of the Peaky Blinders 29

@blekit shows some belly 35

@EFV proves that he is, in fact, a shape shifter 44

@Andy57 36 No words, just rock (Click to show)

Motivational #menswear speaker @Roycru 26
A subliminal message directed at those who fail to tie their neckties so that the ends end up even close to the proper length (which I think is called "Spazzatura") and I.

The ever popular "Piece Of A Person Picture" that also gives away how 5'6" me got my tie to come out (almost) right. If you look closely, you can see that my tie goes around twice (sometimes called an "Albert" knot), which is what I do with ties that are too long.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

@luv2breformed wants to have a few words with you out back 25

There's no place like home @yjung02 46

@clarinetplayer tux it in the bathroom 39

Next set starts here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/36495

People's Choice: Synthese - so you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Date Range: April 18 - 21
Total posts: 23
Total Thumbs: 835
Avg. per Post: 36.3
Median Post: 34
Range: 25 - 60
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