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Agreed. A backlog is nice. As long as it isn't too weighty. I think we are at about 3 months. 6 to 8 weeks seems ideal.

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Let's do some more then!

@nabilmust 43

@Braddock 35

@Academic2 29

@upr_crust 25

@CruzAzul 27

@Gerry Nelson 31

@An Acute Style 25

@SeamasterLux 33

@deacon-HH 31

@Cleav 35

@Gerry Nelson 38

@Academic2 30

@Sander 41

@Braddock 33

@Anden 37

@TheoProf 35

@LoKey 26

@SeaJen 27

@Roy Al 31

@Andy57 35

Next batch will begin on this page:

People's Choice: Nabilmust 43
First timer's club: CruzAzul, TheoProf, & LoKey bigstar[1].gif

JCM's "Make StyleForum Great Again" Awards for Excellence in Menswear that Begins with the Letter "S"
  • Suits: Braddock #1 and Roy Al
  • Scenery: Cleav and Braddock #2 (Fushimi Inari-taisha FTW)
  • Surprise?: Anden
  • Socks/Suede: Gerry #1 - also: kitty! (in both)
  • Slimness: Seamaster's slacks
  • Simplicity: Sander
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Like the 'new style' @jcmeyer

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Originally Posted by Mr Knightley View Post

Like the 'new style' @jcmeyer


Though @Claghorn deserves much of the credit for moving toward a single, uniformly-sized image and just recently adding @ tags. I threw in the actual thumb count for each one if people are into that.

It does take a bit more work to standardize the sizing (sometimes changing the hardcoded aspect ratio the poster initially chose, sometimes feeding an outside URL back through SF's system), and for some odd reason certain pics go super low-resolution when quoted, so I went back and saved/re-uploaded those.

I relate all that only to let others who update the thread know of a few fixes if needed smile.gif
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I just copy and paste the image. Started tagging folks to attract more attention to this thread.

Awesome job, JCM
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Thanks to all who keep this thread going. JCM, brilliant job on the last post and also on that outfit a few posts above.
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Thanks, guys. Happy to pitch in. And thanks for the shoutout on my last fit here, Gerry!
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@DiplomaticTies 30 (or 15 each?)

@Tom Miler 34

@Anden 40

@Sycsyc 32

@Sander 44

@upr_crust 28

@heldentenor 31

@calypso 31

@Isolation 31

@ComfortablyDumb 30

@Caustic Man 37

@EFV 45

@Gerry Nelson 38

@upr_crust 37

@Gerry Nelson 28

@jcmeyer 36

@clarinetplayer 28

@Academic2 41

@Sander 25

@upr_crust 27

@TheoProf 30

Next one starts here:

Total Posts: 21
Total Thumbs: 703
Avg. per Post: 33.5
Median Post: 31
Range: 25 - 45

People's Choice: EFV goes to the Opera, which received 22% more thumbs than when Caustic went to the Opera. Must have been the bow tie.

But you know it was a strong batch when the lowest thumb count at a just-squeaked-by 25 is freakin' Sander. Sander.

JCM's five awards that combined to form Voltron: ISOLATION - Seriously, this is a metric ton of yes. This is the kind of yes that the band Yes playing Roundabout spun out of their prog-rocking minds couldn't even fathom. Yes, it's that much yes.

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@jcmeyer, please keep doing these. As far as keeping this thread updated goes, I'd give you 25 thumbs up at the very minimum :)

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Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

, please keep doing these. As far as keeping this thread updated goes, I'd give you 25 thumbs up at the very minimum smile.gif

Can do!
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What Gerry said. Great job!
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Oh Mr. T, you know I can't say no to you! Vest looks good.
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@Acridsheep 36

@Sugarbutch 53

@Claghorn 29

@SeaJen 35

@Sycsyc 35

@Pliny 41

@sebastian mcfox 65

@Mr. Six 45

@Murlsquirl 42

@Sycsyc 26

@Tom Miler 29

@Gerry Nelson 35

@Roycru 31

@Mr. Six 37

@Roy Al 26

@Sycsyc 34

@Murlsquirl 37 (is it brown or grey?)

@sebastian mcfox 37

@dazedstate 30

@Henry Carter 28

Next round starts on, where Adolesco finally breaks the tension after many pages of debate over menswear mentors and the beloved navy trousers, proving once again how very, very, entirely silly we all are.

As Mr. Six noted, though, "Navy odd trousers are serious business." So for those interested in reliving the glory, the navy part starts here-ish:

Date Range: March 1 - 4, 2016
Total 25+ Posts: 20
Total Thumbs: 731
Avg. per Post: 36.6
Median Post: 35
Range: 26 - 65

People's Choice: McFox #1, aka "The Green Monster"

JCM's Awards for Excellence in Menswear Shenanigans
  • First Place: Roycru, for stealing a sign and then using it to steal our hearts
  • Second Place: "The greatest trick the Murl ever pulled was convincing the world his jacket was brown when clearly it was grey" (Murl #2)
  • Third Place: Mr. Six (#2) for wearing a coat of armor that was made to look like a suit

Best in show: Sugartits
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Valyrian steel armor, like my man Euron.*

* NB Euron is not a good person.
Edited by Mr. Six - 5/30/16 at 8:35pm
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