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Poll Results: Rate this general model of Visvims

  • 14% (13)
    1. Grail
  • 15% (14)
    2. Awesome
  • 21% (19)
    3. Good
  • 10% (9)
    4. Serviceable
  • 18% (16)
    5. Ugly
  • 19% (17)
    6. Burn it. I hope I never see this online or IRL again.
88 Total Votes  
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I do the SEO for SUITSENSE. My name is Daniel.


The company is registered in Canada and comprises 3 people. (Try doing an internet scam in Canada and see how long you last!)


We are also on shopify. A very large and legitimate site. If we had complaints from customers, our site would be revoked.


The owner frequently travels to Japan and the reason why the inventory is light compared to rivals like ssense is because we inspect everything beforehand.


We will never sacrifice reputation for cheap/damaged/fake/bad products. 


We have hundreds of customers across the world. We also get close to 6000 unique visitors per month. 


To be a licensed supplier for Visvim, you have to have been in business for about 7-10 years and reach a certain number of sales. 


Come back in a decade if you are waiting for that and for prices to be about 15-25% higher. (When you are paying those extra fees for a full time staff so you can feel safer)


We have low operational costs (everyone involved has a full time job) which is why we can undersell the competition. 


Mainly we do it out of love for high quality Japanese fashion and like to stay connected. 


This response is WAY too late but if you are looking to get your hands on some of the brilliance of Hiroki Nakamura, SUITSENSE is as legitimate as every other supplier (they just cost less, sorry about that!)






You wrote: 


Anybody know if http://suitsense.com is legit?


Do they sell real visvim?


I sent them an email asking why their prices were at a lower price, this was their response:


"Thank you for your email.
Our visvim items are from visvim Tokyo FIL stores. All items are authentic. 
Visvim is selling their stuff cheaper within Japan. The items are available to other countries, but with different price. Please refer to the visvim official web store. 
Thank you.
Seth M.
I then searched for their store on visvim.tv and found nothing, so emailed them back and got this response:
"Thank you for your email.
We are not list on visvim.tv as a dealer yet, but we do have partnership with Tokyo local F.I.L Store and DSM Store.
Our visvim items are all authentic.
PS: We are on Instagram: suitsense. 

Their Instagram is pretty generic and has been active since early April '14, though they have responses from potential customers, interactions etc. 
Anybody made a purchase from them before? Thanks all, I don't want to make a +500 purchase if the items are not authentic. Worse, if its scam. 
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Bought 2 tees from Suitsense but never got them. Sent a dozen emails and messaged them on Insta but nv any replies. Wasted 400$.
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