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Does that mean that the Milan brands will sell for more in the States than they do in, say, Paris? Sinc Paris is closer to Milan than the US is?
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Basically, yes. The US imposes stiff tariffs and there are also high transport costs in sending goods across the ocean. But because of the European Union, there are no tariffs between France and Italy. There is also great possibility for arbitrage, since the two countries share a border, and people are always going from one place to another. Still, the cheapest place for Italian goods is almost always -- surprise -- in Italy. Of course, this simple rule doesn't always apply. For example, while prices for Italian clothes are quite high in Asia, Hong Kong is still a shopping paradise for shorter people, since smaller sizes are more readily available there than in Milan. Similarly, if you have an Asian complexion; the colors that the Italian makers send to Asia will generally be better than the ones distributed in Europe and the US.
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wow, the vuitton store on the champs just opened in 2002 so i'm surprised it's already being renovated yes colette has a water bar in the basement it's oddly interesting designer goods vary even in europe you'll find different prices for the same thing in each country and some countries have all the taxes built into the price so then if you get a tax rebate, you have to factor that out as well to get a comparison price - it gets complicated but you learn
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the ring in question is the damier ring, solid silver on the inside and inlaid wood on the outside depending which country you're in, the price ranges from $1000 to $1,300 from what i could find
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I have one more question. Do all the Dior stores there sell Dior Homme? I tried to navigate the Dior Homme site to find their locations, but the site is ridiculous and I couldn't do anything but view maybe five pictures from the collection. I figure since Dior is located in Paris, it won't be as expensive there than it would be in Milan or the States.
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