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Shopping in paris

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I'm taking a little vacation in March to France and Italy. In particularly, Paris, Florence and Rome. I want to do some shopping in Paris, because that's the only place where I'll have some time to myself. Since I've never been there, I need some help on the best places to shop, how the prices are, what the public transit system is like and what I can except to find. I want to come home with one or two nice pieces. Investment pieces, I guess you could say. I really want to check out Dsquared2 and Dior Homme among other brands. I found some information on a department store called Galleries Lafayette. Does anyone know about this place? Oh, and is there a Dsquared2 store in Paris? That's where I'd want to go before anywhere else. Thanks in advance.
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One more thing. If anyone knows about any designer outlets there where I can get a deal, let me know. I only have one afternoon to spare there, so I can't go everywhere there is to shop. I'll need to hit the best places and that's it.
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Galeries Lafayette - It's a massive department store that seems to have a good selection available. I can't comment on the pricing, etc... since I wasn't doing much shopping when I was in Paris last. There's also a competing department store called Au Printemps next door. They seem pretty similar to me, and both carry Dior. You can get a tax refund from French and Italian stores if you purchase over a certain amount. Also, pick up brochures for Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps from your hotel. They have a store discount card with them. Subway system in Paris is excellent. Very easy to get around the city using it. I bought booklets of 10 tickets for 13 Euros, since I didn't use it quite enough to make day passes worthwhile. Rome's subway system is limited. I only used it a couple of times, as it was more convenient to walk most of the time. Never used the buses, but I heard that they aren't that great. If you're centrally located, walking is likely your best bet. Also, be wary of pickpockets. Paris and Rome are know for having a lot, especially around tourist attractions, and public transit. I haven't been to Florence, so I can't comment on that.
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I recommend that you make room for some shopping in Rome if possible it's quite good. The quarters around plaza di Spagna (I have no idea how to spell the name) is rather good. You find all high-end brands such as Dior and Brioni. Also try to visit Brioni's flagship store. It's located a few minutes stroll away from Plaza di Spagna. However, I'm afraid that I don't remember the address. I was recommended to visit Via Nazionale but it was a huge disappointment. Some good suits but mostly pricey rubbish. Some people find Via del Corzo to be good but I can't agree at all. Mainly junk. I visited Rome before the fall of the dollar and then you had to buy goods for more than rougly 170$ to qualify for a tax refund.
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Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I'll only have time to do some shopping in Paris, and limited time at that. So, I want to go to the best place with the most selection. I was considering L'Avenue Montaigne, but I think the department stores will have more for me to choose from. Hopefully I'll find something nice that will last me awhile.
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i never really find great great shopping for men in paris; italy is much better as for galeries lafayette and printemps, both are somewhat overrated tourist traps and i've found that prices can be higher than the same merchandise found in the actual 'couture/designer's' stores themselves you're better off strolling down rue faubourg st honore than avenue montaigne an interesting area is the area around the musee picasso where there are a lot of men's shops and small individual men's tailors in throughout the main streets before it gives way to nothing but art galleries before you hit the musee picasso as for outlets, when in florence, there is the 'gucci shuttle' from the train station that will take you to 'the mall' where gucci and it's empire has all their main corporate outlets (ysl, bottega venetta et al) but there are also etro and armani if memory serves me right
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What is on Rue Faufourg? Gucci shuttle. Wow. That's like the bus to heaven for me. I have to check the itinerary to see if we get an afternoon there.
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Could you tell me a bit more about this shuttle and mall? I tried a search and came up with a bunch of boutiques located on Via De Tornabuoni. This is a street, though. Not a mall. Is the actual name of the shuttle the 'Gucci shuttle'?
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rue faubourg st honore is a street that runs parallel to the champs elysees about one block to the east, and is the location of many of the high end stores, ie, hermes has it's main store and workshops there ..... as for florence, i will post the exact directions and address etc when i get home but it is literally called 'the mall' and is just outside of florence and gucci runs a shuttle service from the main train station about once an hour i think to 'the mall'
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For Paris I suggest Colette. They carry such brands as Dior Homme, Comme des Garcons, etc. And for Italy there is 10CorsoComo.
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the problem i have with colette is price, you can buy the same items elsewhere for less and you simply cringe when you see the prices they sell american labels at same pretty well goes for colette's italian counterpart, 10corsocomo (although i hear the corsocomo designed hotel is rather nice)
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I think I'm going to head down Avenue Montaigne. There's a Vuitton there and I saw a ring on the site today that I fell in love with. It's made from silver and ebony wood inlay with a little LV insignia. I wonder how much something like that would go for. Any ideas? I'll post a link. I think I might take the metro to Rue du Faubourg after that. They have some nice places there. I did some research today. As for Florence, I don't think I'll have enough time. The mall is some 45 km out of the town it said. But, we are going to a leather factory there. Should be fun. I'm not really looking for American labels. How do the Colette prices compare to prices at the boutiques? Say, Helmut Lang at Colette compared to Helmut Lang on St. Honore.
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you may also have to check out the vuitton store on the champs elysees, just a few blocks south of the arc (i think the cross street is rue washington), it's the newer store of the two as for that ring, i don't know, i'll ask my wife though, she may have an idea although you won't have time in florence for 'the mall' here are the directions for anyone who is interested: The Mall Centro Commerciale Via Europa 8 Leccio, Reggello telephone 39.05 5865 7775 gucci shuttle telephone 39.05 5865 7001 from the florence main central train station if driving, take the A1 towards Florence, turn off at the Incisia turning and look for the signs to Pontassieve i can't give specifics on prices (i just can't remember) but i can generally say that i found the prices at colette higher than the other stores in paris for the same merchandise - but they do have a nice bar in the basement with interesting product. (i'll let you discover that one) i found lang stuff cheaper in milan though but that's not a great comparison for you
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Thanks. I already found out it's a water bar downstairs. Sounds kind of neat. The Vuitton store on Champs is closed. They've opened a temporary one on St. George (I think) until the other one is finished. I think they're doing some minor renovations. The Montaigne store is still open. I did find out abot the ring, however, and it's sold out. It was also too expensive for a wooden ring, as far as I'm concerned. We're going to walk down Faubourg St. Honore and I'll make sure to see Colette and Helmut Lang. I'll be in Colette just in case I see something I can't get anywhere else in town. As far as prices go, you said HL is cheaper in Milan. Aren't retail prices supposed to be the same everywhere? There's a HL boutique right down the street from Colette. If it's the actual boutique and not a department store selling the HL label, shouldn't the prices be the same across the globe? Retail is retail, unless there's something I've been missing.
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If it's the actual boutique and not a department store selling the HL label, shouldn't the prices be the same across the globe? Retail is retail
Nope. Pricing is subject to the same import and export tariffs, and most importantly, marketing strategy. Prices of luxury goods reflect exclusivity more than anything else. For example, Seven Jeans retail for 130+ pounds sterling and Paper Denims for 150 + pounds sterling in the UK, on par with Guccis and Dior Homme, and they have similar cachet. Here, everyone wears Sevens, and you can find them for $50 at Filene's basement. Same goes for Levis. In Italy, Barba shirts are about $130 retail, Borrelli well under $200. Don't tell me that unlike Guinness, Paper Denims improve with travel.
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