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Was the Diesel Kratt the original premium repro? - Page 2

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I odnt like Diesel jeans too much anymore. I have about 6-7 pairs though which are about all 7years old and they are really durable. They are well made as many of the premium brands listed here. They are premium jeans. Just because you dont like them doesnt mean they arent premium jeans.

and news flash:
Premium jeans arent just samarais or sugar canes that use dead stock material

Most poeple who are in the premium denim market (customers and sales people) havnt even heard of those brands. Citizens, Seven for all mankind, chip and pepper, kasil, true religion, ag are all considered premium denim. I think diesels are much better made then all of those brands...
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Although it's now a bit embarrassing, I must admit that I wore almost nothing but Diesels for a few years... a largely drunken few years. Diesel obviously doesn't get much respect here and, in terms of its cuts, washes, and the mentality to which it appeals, doesn't really deserve any. That said, I put my Diesels-- which were, primarily, two pairs of Kratts-- through hell for those few years, and they held up admirably. One of the few moments I am able to clearly recall involved climbing quite clumsily on top of a roof made of incredibly coarse concrete. The Kratts came through with one small tear that did not spread further for another few months (at which point I was fortunately able to leave my Diesel days behind me). And this is just one random instance that I actually happen to remember. Say what you will about their style, Diesel is absolutely not of bad quality.
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can we see pics of these jeans?
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'mentality to which it appeals'

Well said. That can be expanded to many things in life.
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Originally Posted by tljenkin View Post
They are a 'lifestyle' brand, plain and simple.

Take it you've not seen the 14oz selvage Japanese denim - $785

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^^I am guessing those are from Diesel Denim Gallery...

Im not really familiar with those but if im spending that much on jeans the only brand that really sticks out in my head is Kohzo
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you can't use the MSRP as supporting evidence that it's good. gimme something else.
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^^^ All the 150 dollar kratts ive bought 7 years ago and worn for years have been holding up. Not a single hole or anything. I used to rotate them for a few years. There branding and fading sucks now a days but the quality is still very good. Just because you guys love japanese denim companies and hate True Religions doesnt mean Diesel quality should suck
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IIRC, wasn't diesel one of the first premium denim makers (along w/gloria vanderbuilt, aka anderson cooper's mother)? They're not my cup of tea, but it think all the 'hate' for diesel here is party because they're fairly mainstream, and partly due to the product.
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Haha I remember in grade school when all the kids lusted over Guess jeans. If you had the ? mark on your pocket you were hot shit and went for a super premium $75 which was unheard of for most kids who grew up with their parents buying $20 levis.
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arent these one of Kiya's most favorite pair of denim? i remember him posting awhile back. and being a denim guru as he is, i wouldnt argue about its overall quality
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I agree about the denim quality of most of their jeans. The lighter weight ones feel kinda crappy, but if they still made the Kratt, and had the branding as subtle as they used to (it may be easily recognized, but it certainly wasn't gaudy), I'd still be buying them. I have one pair of Diesels I still wear (though not as much as some other jeans), they're a pair of Vikers in a super dark blue that looks almost like it's raw or coated with resin. I like the fact that they have a bit of stretch, I fly a lot and they're an ideal travel jean.
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