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Before I donate…

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various clothes (dress trousers and shirts, casual shirts and jackets) and shoes, are there any places in the Maryland/DC area where one could walk in, get a price quote, then decide to sell or give away? Aside from eBay or neighborhood sales, what are the selling options for used clothes, etc.? Thanks for any input.
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Plato's Closet is a franchise chain that resells clothing. They're pretty much only interested in higher end name brand and designer stuff, but I think there is one in Towson.
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From my experience, Plato's Closet is most interested in very recent, mall clothes. Lots of AE, Abercrombie, Gap, some Claiborne and Polo.
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Did a quick Google search on consignment shops in MD.
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I am accepting donations for the kronik clothing drive. Thanks.
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What in particular are you trying to donate?

What size are you?
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You could probably take some quick pics and offer them on SF.
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What sizes, i just posted a thread wantign to see if someone had some clothes to donate
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At one time the rag and bone man used to give small gifts for old clothese.
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