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Originally Posted by lasbar View Post
When i was studying history ,Kurt Waldheim wcas seen ,in the light of Maurice Papon in France,as a symbol of post-war personality with fragmented pasts....

From,what I found on Wiki about Papon, he has been a different caliber.

In the original words of his legacy, a two pages dossier, which I only found in German, Waldheim pleaed for conciliation, and that he suffered from the accusations during the campaign in 1986. Here is the link:, Probably you can use a free translation service on the net.
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All countries have their traitors ,collaborators or heroes depending on your political sensibilities and history is never a black and white affair or good versus evil story....
Ignorance is a bliss and as Hitler used to say "We are lucky that men do not think"...
Someone's freedom fighter is always somebody's else terrorist...
The Duke of Windsor ,the Duke of Halifax went to their graves with some questions unanswered.....
They were having advanced contacts with the Nazis during the war and some part to play in the strange Rudolf Hess scottish adventure...
Maurice Papon was part of a system and he went to his grave swearing that he was doing his job for his country,an answer heard so many times in history....
The late socialist president Francois Mitterand was decorated of the Order of the Francisque,the higher Vichy honor...
The less you know and the more you will believe in the superiority of your cause
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If I could dress like any one person it would probably be Bruce Boyer:

Boyer at The Sartorialist.
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No one has mentioned him yet, so I will cast a vote for Matt Lauer.
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THE style icon, and I will brook no dissent, is Fred Astaire in the mid-late 1930s. The look of that era is still the basis of elegant male dressing, and no-one did it as well as Astaire. He may have borrowed a few ideas from the POW, but he was largely his own invention and whatever he borrowed he used more effectively. As for current day exponents, many that I like have been mentioned, and all of them derive their style from that golden era. Barbera leads the pack, far and away, as he should given his profession. Similarly, and equally to be expected, RL dresses himself beautifully and his Purple Label and Ralph Lauren lines of tailored clothing, and even the old blue label, afford the RTW and MTM customer the same opportunity. Boyer knows exactly what to do, as does Flusser even though he doesn't always do it himself. Luca di Montezemolo and Beppe Modenese are additional Italian stand outs not as well known here as Barbera. As for someone younger, Sean Combs has the gift, though he often overindulges his Daddy/Diddy side. If, however, I could have the wardrobe of one man, and I could wear it since we're the same size, it would be Ron Rifkin. I knew him as an actor in numerous character roles in film and on stage, but I never was aware of his sartorial skill until my wife fell in love with Jennifer Garner and insisted on watching every episode of Alias. At first the silliness of the show drove me to distraction, but then I found I could entertain myself quite well observing the way Rifkin dressed. Turns out it was all his own taste, which he came by naturally from being in the clothing business (family, like me, I think).
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Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix View Post
I will brook no dissent, is Fred Astaire

Dissented on the basis of his deadness.
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Girogio Armani or Valentino ....
As fictional characters qualifying for being forever alive in our minds,Gabsby ....
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Before he died: Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes. Sharp dresser and sharper mind. He always dressed well.

ETA: While alive: Denzel's no slacker either, but much more inconsistent than Bradley.
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Not to but Tiki Barber's outfit this morning was really awesome
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Omar Bongo ,president of Gabon. until his death..Another great democrat nurtured by the west......Very sharp dresser.....
He used and is still coming to Paris to buy bespoke suits by the dozen at a time and some Italian designer based in Paris used to send some "escorts" to deliver them ito his presidential palace...That's customer servie or not!!!!!!!!!!
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I think Lapo Elkann is a fabulous dresser
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Style icon has to be someone is more than just a pose on a photo. If I were to name one person whom I have witnessed in person, it would be Massimo Bizzocchi. He is a combination of great style, mannerism, and charisma.
Alternates (in no discernable order): Bruce Boyer and MAnton, Luciano Barbera, Ciro Paone (before his stroke), and Jacob Lateiner (pianist and faculty of Juilliard).
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Originally Posted by kcc View Post
I think Lapo Elkann is a fabulous dresser
He probably thinks so too.
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For the jeans and T-shirt style, here is my icon:

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First time poster here. I thought I'd dig back to find a personal icon thread. Here are my icons, who are my icons less for their clothing labels and more for their distinctive personas..

Frederick Douglas- Intelligent, intense and of unmistaken presence. That's what it's all about.

John Coltrane- Calm, passionate, and introspective.

James Joyce- Mysterious, skeptical, and worldly

Sam Cooke- tireless, fearless, infectious, and classic

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