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Fine watches and cufflinks

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A few weeks ago I put on a standard FC shirt, favorite SS cufflinks and my (relatively) new Baume et Mercier Classima. At the end of the day I removed my watch to find that the shank(?) of my cufflinks had put a small scratch on one of the lugs of my classima.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Since then I've only been wearing barrel cuffs with my nicer watches for fear of a repeat experience.

Anyway to make sure this doesnt happen again besides switching to silk knots (which I dislike)?

Thanks in advance for any replies

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Are you referring to the toggle-back of the cuff links?
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Not necessarliy the toggle back kent as this piece of the cufflink had no contact with the case of the watch. I am referring to the shank connecting the "face/head" of the cufflink to the toggle back. In other words, the part of the cufflink that is seen/exposed when you separate the actual cuffs they are holding together.

Does that make any sense at all?

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Ah, that is indeed properly called the shank. It seems strange that it would scratch your watch as it should be fairly smooth. Was there a seam from the casting that was the culprit?
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I've had this 'problem' when you send your watch in for servicing, the scratches can be polished out.

For me, any watch with a metal bracelet is meant for performance (such as it is in my rather sedentary life) so I don't sweat things like that too much.
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Thanks for the replies.

Indeed, I agree RE: a bracelet. This watch is on a crocodile strap, it was the lug that was scratched. Thanks for the recommendation RE: having it polished out. The scratch is nearly visible without a loupe so it shouldn't be an issue to buff out. I might even give it a go with a cape cod cloth.


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