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Blacksmith Labs - Official Affiliate Thread

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Hello gents,


I am Alan from Blacksmith-Labs, a premium leather mobile accessories manufacturer.  We are excited to open our first official thread here on the Style Forum. Please give me an opportunity to introduce our company to this unique community.


Our company started as an online retailer specializing in mobile accessories not long after the release of the original iPhone in 2008.  After years of frustration dealing with cheaply mass produced cell phone holsters, we realized the market is seriously lacking choices for stylish mobile accessories that are built to last and made of premium quality material.  I am sure you know what I mean if you have owned products from brands like Leica, Alden, Canali etc.  In 2012, we decided to launch a brand that is dedicated to producing mobile accessories with the best material and craftsmanship.


The Blacksmith-Labs was born in 2013.   


The brand was first launched in a campaign on Kickstarter in October 2013, introducing to the world a collection of holsters made of premium quality leather (e.g. Horween Chromexcel) and our proprietary metal alloy belt clips.  Our design philosophy is based on the concept of modern minimalist, focusing on the fundamentals of design without sacrificing functionality.  The Kickstarter campaign was very successful and it affirms our brand's direction.  The next step was to make our product available to general public.  After hours after hours of hard work with limited resources, our homepage and webstore was launched on January 1, 2014: 




I am a strong believer of understanding customers and responding to their needs is the best secret in successful product design and engineering.  Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us and greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to drop me a message about your opinions on our current offerings.  On customer support side, we are committed to providing the best possible service to each and every customer.  I am open to answering questions on any topics about our company or products.  I can be reached via PM here, or by email me directly at styleforum@blacksmith-labs.com.


We are thrilled to be selected as an affiliate vendor here on the Style Forum.  To celebrate the launch of our webstore and becoming a contributing member to this community, we have created a 15% off coupon code (STYLEFORUMFANS) as a little gift for our new friends in the forum.  On top of the coupon code, as an introductory offer, we include complimentary FREE shipping worldwide on all products.


Some examples of our creations.



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Welcome gentlemen.
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A sneak preview of some of our latest front-page gallery creations!!!  Enjoy gents!!!



Barrett in the Horween Chromexcel Leather (Lapis Blue), together with my first serious watch - TAG Carrera Chrono Auto




Bruno in our premium leather (Chestnut Brown), in front of my dependable Polaroid Land 250.


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We are thrilled to have our holsters reviewed by Connie on peanutbutterandwhine.com. Enjoy it!!!

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We are excited to receive another glowing review by gavethat.com.  Check it out!!





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